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NOVUS by Crystal Marcos


I am so excited to bring you my review of the YA dystopian thriller, NOVUS (The Cresecren Chronicles Book 1) by my friend, Crystal Marcos. Before I get to my review, I’d like to give you a little background. Crystal has written two fabulous children’s books; Bellyache and HeadacheI have read and reviewed both, and I can tell you they are fantastic. So, when Crystal told me she was releasing her YA book, NOVUS, I just had to read it.

Ever since my friend Heidi Ruby Miller recommended I read Many Genres, One Craft: Lessons in Writing Popular Fiction I have paid special attention world building. Crystal Marcos does a superb job of world building in NOVUS. I can tell you from my own writing experience that world building is a rather complicated, challenging, and difficult thing to do. The imagination, attention to detail, and patience it takes is astounding. As far as YA dystopian books go, NOVUS is right near the top. I believe Crystal has something really special here.

One last note before I get to my review. NOVUS is **ON SALE** for only $2.49 through the end of the month! Also, Crystal’s children’s books Bellyache and Headache will be on sale for the low, low price of $1.49! These are some hot deals, so I recommend you don’t waste any time; go out and buy them today, right now! Okay, so I am passionate about books (and authors) I really like, but seriously, these great prices won’t last forever.

Now for my review:

What I liked best: NOVUS is a great book. In Novus, Ms. Marcos has done a wonderful job at world building. I think one of the toughest things for authors writing dystopian type novels is world building. Bringing the reader into a new world with foreign values, places, and surroundings is quite difficult to pull off. Ms. Marcos does it masterfully in Novus. From the very beginning the reader is engulfed in Cayden’s world and the circumstances he must face.

What missed a bit: One thing that I did find a bit difficult to get used to, however, was the formal speech of the Cresecrens. At first I kept feeling as though their formal speech didn’t match the situation at hand, but Ms. Marcos to a good job of subtlety reminding us throughout the book that this is how Cresecrens speak.

Overall: I was also really impressed with the way Ms. Marcos’ writing gave us such insight into the main character’s (Cayden) past and feelings. An example is the line: “Thank you…I gasped the words I had used before but rarely meant.” With this one sentence we are aware of the isolated, lonely existence Cayden has endure up to this point in his life. This really made me feel as though I knew the characters well. Ms. Marcos’ world building and writing combined with the page turning excitement made for a tale I couldn’t wait to keep reading. I am excited to read more, and will certainly be in line for her next book. I would recommend this book for readers of all ages. It has all the components one might be looking for in a book. With the stunning success of similar novels such as The Hunger Games and Divergent, I believe this book will find it’s place right next to these on your book shelf.


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  1. Thank you so much for the opportunity to be featured on your blog. I am very excited and honored you enjoyed the book! It is extremely validating to hear such kind words. Take care!

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