Wanted: Book Reviewers and/or Writer to Blog Share, plus $150 Amazon Giveaway

In case you didn’t know, blogging takes a big chunk of time. It’s a commitment that takes planning, not just typing. I’ve done everything from personal posts to writing and editing posts with books reviews, book tours, author interviews and guest posts thrown in. Before I got organized and added my author hosting page, I got desperate enough to write about my cat–sorry about that. I would like to reduce my blog writing time so I can finish editing my middle grade fantasy and get it published sooner rather than later. I’m tired of later. Writing, not blogging, is my art. That’s why I want to blog share or at least have contributors. 

Unlike product reviews, doing book reviews means reading whole books to analyze their strengths and weaknesses. It helps readers choose which books to read and it helps writers compare their own skills. I don’t want to stop reading and doing my own reviews. I just want more book reviews on my blog of the genres I write, children’s books up through young adult, especially in the fantasy/SF genres. And I’m flexible in case of life getting in the way.

In fact, this post would have been a book review if I hadn’t realized the giveaway didn’t end until the day after I leave for vacation. I didn’t want to make the winner have to wait so long for shipment, so I signed up for the August YA giveaway blog hop instead–for a signed hardback copy of Anna Banks’ book, Of Poseidon. Along with Anna’s autograph, the book has the main character’s favorite saying, “Ohmysweetgoodness!” I had a little pull since I helped edit the early chapters. And Anna was gracious enough to include my first name in the acknowledgements page in back. 

Anyway, if you’re a reader who loves children’s books for any age from picture books up through YA, I’d like your help. I’m not asking for a permanent commitment, and I will help you too. First, I will provide any assistance you need to make your reviews sound and look professional. Once you become confident, I’ll help you start your own book review blog if you desire. If you’d rather I keep posting your reviews, that’s fine too. Until or unless you feel ready, I will provide the forms for giveaways and add the blog hop code when those apply.

Now for author blog sharing. Somewhere there must be another writer or even a published author of children’s books up through YA who hasn’t started their own blog. Again, I’m not asking for a permanent blog partner unless it works out well for both of us. But if you would like to try your hand at blog writing without actually starting your own blog, why not try on my blog? It will help us both, and if or when you want to go out on your own, I will ask my followers to follow you too. By then, you may have a following just itching to see you start a blog anyway. 

The converse holds true too. If you’re a writer who would like to shut down a blog to share mine, let’s go already! I can import your pages as new tabs. If you don’t want to shut down your blog, I can make a new page link to your blog the same way I linked pages to my website and Goodreads. If you haven’t heard of dual posting, you have now. Linking will move us both up in the search engine rankings.

Any takers? Please comment here and/or send me an email through my book website’s contact and interact page.

If you’re not interested in reviewing or blog sharing, you’ll have to be satisfied with a chance at one of two Amazon gift cards, $100 and $50, provided by ten authors through Promotional Book Tours. This giveaway has already started and runs through Jul 20th, and the book covers look enticing enough to tempt any reader. If you decide to buy, please do it through my blog because it helps fund future book giveaways. You can go through my Amazon store or click the link by the book. I’ve earned 13 cents so far. Woot!

Click the logo below or click here to go to the giveaway.
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  1. Sher, I might be interested in the link to my blog partnership. My blog is AnEclecticMuse.blogspot.com if you want to check it out. Let me know what you think.

    • Your blog posts look good. It’s rare that I don’t find grammar & punctuation errors. But I couldn’t tell from your book snippet if it was YA or adult fantasy. If you do write for children or teens, I’m game as long as you send me blog posts once a week. I forgot to add that frequency detail. And your blog should link to mine via the same page add method. I can tell you how if you haven’t tried it. Some posts could be joint. In a pinch, I could repost some of your old posts and you could repost mine with attributions. I’m still exploring the idea, so we can work out details as we go.


  2. I am considering this but I’m not confident with my writing skills. 🙁
    I have my own blog, and my reviews end up spoiling the book. LOL.

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