Troll Bridge: Past to Future

I came across Siv Maria’s one year blog anniversary a while ago. She’s having a Trollfest!
I confess to a fondness for trolls since I played with them instead of Barbies as a child. In her post, Siv asked us to link to our first blog post, but mine was gone, missing from my old Weebly website blog. Instead I linked from my oldest remaining post, March of 2010.

The post below at least shows why I blogged so infrequently. It didn’t seem important compared to mining for gold. Not the glittery kind, and not fools gold either–I was mining for writer’s gold. For those of you children’s writers looking for the best way to get feedback, look no further. I copied and pasted my entire post. Here you go:

Has it been that long since I blogged? I haven’t been lazy– I’ve been busy reading and writing. In fact, I’ve been reading to 7th graders almost every week. There’s nothing better than working with this age group, as far as I’m concerned. They are my pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, so I don’t really have to dig for gold. All I have to do is aim for the sky and shoot my best words. And if I hit my target age group right in their interest zone, they’ll smile so big all I will see is braces and gold fillings. Okay, so I don’t have a clue if their fillings are gold. It doesn’t matter because their opinions are gold. I expect great things from these students in the future, because they’re becoming skillful reviewers. Critical thinking ought to improve their writing even if I never give them another thing in return.

However, anyone who knows me should know I will try to give better than I received. It wouldn’t be fair if I took the students’ valuable opinions without giving something in return. Yeah, I know life isn’t supposed to be fair. But I try to follow the golden rule. I’ve been teaching the students how to get ideas and develop them to write their own stories. Good writing skills will make their resumes and scholarship applications more valuable than others. Earlier this year, I asked Emerald Coast Writers about having a writing contest and they agreed. The contest will be run in conjunction with our ECW conference April 8th-9th at the Ramada Plaza Beach Resort on Okaloosa Island.

Maybe I tricked my husband into thinking this blog would be about his treasure hunting. He’s now on his second metal detector and so far, hasn’t paid for the first. But he has found more than chump change. Gold or not, he’s found enough traceable items to make the people who lost them very happy.

For me, the gold in writing–my happiness–has always been making young teenagers love to read as much as I loved reading Asimov and Tolkien at their age. There was real gold in their writing. How could I not share?

That’s all of my earliest remaining post. Now I ask any of you who blog to follow Siv Maria’s blog and join her Trollfest. If she reaches 500 followers before April 1st, she’s sending a troll prize to one lucky blogger, along with Norwegian chocolate. YUM!
You can sign up below, as well as get to each of the blogs from the linky list. Happy first post hopping!

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  1. From one troll lover to another, Good job! Tripping down memory lane is such fun :)———-

  2. I like the name Okaloosa Island. If that weren’t a real place, I’d want to steal it for a fictional story. It’s just that cool.

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’m following back.

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