Tocoreb Lleps Constet and Triceque Rinnew!

If you read my entry for Rachael Harrie’s Platform Building Campaign 3rd Challenge, you shouldn’t have had much trouble reading this blog title. You have now passed the mental exercise test and deserve to be certified as mentally challenged. And lest you think I’m making fun of those with a lower IQ than standard, for all their difficulties I think they may be less mentally challenged than most of us “normal” people. The ones I have met throughout my life are friendlier, more open and honest, and less self-serving. Maybe it’s because they don’t have10 different things on their minds at once or because their spirits are purer.

I have to admit I don’t multitask well either. Besides, I have the weird combination of being a slow thinker with a decent enough IQ to graduate at the top of my college class. My worst mental challenge is an inability to contribute to group conversations because I think of what to say after the subject turns to something else. Maybe that’s why I spent so many years with my nose in a book and why writing holds such a strong attraction. While writing, I can’t mistake a pause for breath for an opening in the conversation and end up interrupting.There’s no competition unless I choose to enter a competition or present one for you to enter. I already did both and have another you can enter today, not mine, but another fantasy author’s.

First, I’m announcing the winner of my Query Critique Contest. It was hard choosing. Cheryl set the bar high. I dithered and dathered and got all lathered comparing opinions on things I need to change, most of them “don’t do this” with a why. So I focused on the “do this” aspect and chose the one entrant who went farther than telling me what to do by giving an actual example of how to condense a big chunk of my query into a small chunk. He showed me versus telling me and I went “Oh! I can do this now.”

So Michael Offutt, is the first place winner. No wonder with such a hilarious ransom note/query on his blog.

Now all he has to do is send sherahart at gmail dot com either:
1. 10 pages of a WIP, double spaced, Times Roman or Courier, 12 font.
2. OR a query and 2 page single space synopsis, or even a 3 page synopsis he’s trying to cut down. I’m a lot better at finding the right things to cut in other people’s work than my own. Aren’t we all?

But Cheryl’s critique was so good I’m awarding her 2nd place. You really need to read her blog about all the misinformation on passive voice. While you’re there, congratulate her. She can send me half as much.

Now for the October Spell Contest. You did decode that part of the blog title right? Author Charlotte Abel is giving out one free e-book copy of Enchantment a day on goodreads for the best spell that day. The contest runs until Halloween, but most of the entries were stacked up in the first of the month. The day I entered, mine was the only spell. Of course, I like to think it would have won even with some competition. I already downloaded my prize and I’m really looking forward to reading this book. So write a little poetry, and you could win Enchantment, free!

First, you have to join the Fantasy and YA Addicted Book Club on Goodreads to enter the contest.  Then click here to reach the contest conversation. After you enter your spell, you should pop on over to her blog and read her entertaining entries about how she sneaks in her reading time and why she abuses her poor Barby and Ken dolls. Yeah, you should follow her too,  but I get first dibs on giving her a blog award! Then I’ll only be 3 behind.

For anyone who hasn’t read my 3rd challenge entry, get your mental exercise and then vote. Here’s the link.

Anyone who hasn’t gone hungry today should read this true story. As my service Sunday post, it will make you squirm. I hope it will also make you do something to solve the problem.

Last but not least, my 100 Follower Contest is open until 10/31 and my Chocolate Follower Contest is always open with monthly drawings. You have to be a follower of this blog for both contests, but not a new follower. The catch is both also require a comment and a few other easy peasy things. Bonus, both also have a gift card option for international entries or if you’d just rather choose your own books or chocolate.


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  1. I just now decoded the title (after reading your blog). Doh! Thanks for mentioning the October spell contest — and YES your spell was good enough to win even with more competition.

    Time for me to return the favor 😉

  2. Thanks for choosing me as a winner. I shall be in touch soon with one of the above 🙂

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