To Self Publish or Not

Rather than let another week go by without blogging, I searched for inspiration in the easiest way, by reading through my blog subscriptions. This blog will be short and not so sweet, for those of us in the first time author boat. I read my writer beware blog, wherein Victoria Strauss refutes the claims of Author Solutions concerning the supposed takeover of publishing by self-published authors. Not yet, she says.

Ms. Strauss links to another blog, written around three months ago, with some good insights for any peon unpublished (accent on the un), or PUP. I define PUP as me or any other writer who either isn’t published or hasn’t published a first book yet. Michael Hyatt, chairman and CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishers,wrote this blog at the time non-fiction author Seth Godin declared intent to self-publish his next book. You might guess Mr. Hyatt listed several reasons most authors shouldn’t follow the same path.

You’ll have to read for yourself to see whether you agree or disagree. I know Tommie Lynn would disagree, having seen enough success to make a profit. But she started with knowledge I don’t have about creating a cover, typesetting, etc. Two months after her presentation, I’ve forgotten those instructions. I’ve even forgotten where to look for the handouts. That doesn’t give me much confidence in my publishing skills. How much? None. But that doesn’t mean I’ll tuck my PUP tail between my legs and go home. And I’ll try not to peon anybody along the way to success.

I guess I’ll worry about publishing later, when I finish splitting another book in two. Better than splitting heirs in two, I guess. Better than spitting hares, too. No, those aren’t typos. One of those happens in my book. And I’m seeing if you’re still awake.

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