Guest Post and Rafflecopter by Michelle Tomars- author of “The Runaway Horse”

Hey guys! I’m back with more about “The Runaway Horse” by Michelle Tomars- but this time, it’s in her words! Here is the author herself, with a guest post (and giveaway)!

Runaway Horse

Why did you write this book (as opposed to another)?

I’ve been a freelance writer for several years and have always wanted to — and planned to — eventually write a book. Sometimes, though, you get so busy writing things for other people that there never seems to be enough time to put down your own thoughts. I was certain my first book would be a YA novel because all of the book ideas I had seemed to point towards that. I had several outlines made for different stories, but couldn’t seem to find the time or the motivation to really dig into any of them. None of them felt right for my first book. Then I went over to my parent’s house one night. My father was bursting with excitement and I knew he must have a new painting to show me. He started pulling out these beautiful watercolor scenes. All of them were winter scenes, all had a different animal and all had a person wearing… plaid.

“See, this is Plaid Son feeding the horses … And this is Plaid daughter riding her horse,” he explained excitedly.

He went through every watercolor and showed me the different family members doing daily chores and activities.

“I want you to make a story about them.” He said. “Will you write a little story to go with the pictures?”

I shook my head. “No.” I smiled. “This isn’t a story.” “It’s a series.” And just like that, The Plaid Family Adventures was born.

What makes your book unique or more interesting than others in the genre?

The story takes place in the make believe town of Plaidville where… you guessed it — everyone wears plaid! Each story is told from a different Plaid Family member’s point of view and features an adventure/conflict involving an animal based on real animals from our family ranch. By the end of each book, the problem is resolved and either a lesson is learned or the main character grows in some way.

Though the stories contain some fantastical elements that make them appealing to children, at the heart of each story is the honest portrayal of family, animals, small town values, and all the challenges that go along with living through a bitter, snowy winter in the north woods.

How do you choose the stories to tell in your books?

Our animals actually play a key role in the story telling. Jake, the horse in book 1 (The Runaway Horse) is a real horse on our family ranch. And I can vouch for the fact that he is just as naughty in real life as he is in the story! Annie, the cat in book 2 (The Lost Kitten), lives with my parents. And the parts of the story that pertain to how they acquired her are very true. Then of course as the author, I get to add in all the fun parts that also make it a work of fiction!

What other books have you written for children (or are writing)?

Book 3 in The Plaid Family Adventures (The Rescue Horse) is almost ready to go to the editor. The Rescue Horse is inspired by a Thoroughbred Stallion I rescued last winter. I’m pretty excited about this particular story. It’s going to be action packed and full of fun. In the story I’m also introducing some new and very interesting characters from a neighboring town. At this time, I also have plans for book 4 and 5.


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About The Runaway Horse

A Plaid Family Adventure

The Plaid family farm sits on a wind-swept hill with snow-covered views of the land around it as far as the eye can see. On the Plaid family farm there are many animals: horses, kittens, and even a bull!
During the winter, Plaidville gets very cold and there is lots of snow. Lots of snow can mean lots of trouble. But it can also mean lots of exciting adventures! So come along and let’s see what kind of fun the Plaid family is up to!


Praise for The Runaway Horse:

“I’m looking forward to reading this book to my grandchildren! They will fall in love with the Plaid Family…and the adventure that happens an a cold winter day! Lovely illustrations along with a well written book makes this a winner!” – Rita Rae on


“EXCELLENT childrens book! Fun for the kids – my daughter LOVED it. An all around well written book, and awesome illustrations too. Hope to see more of these!”-


“Entertaining and fun story. Your kids will love this book! I also enjoyed the great illustrations. Can’t wait to read more plaid family adventures.”- Christina Hetchler on


“I read that book to my little nephew who enjoyed it! The pictures are adorable and the story line is great. I love the Plaid family!”- BL on


“Adorable story with cute pictures. Read to my six yr old and he loved it. Cant wait to see more plaid family adventures”- Liz on


Find the book on Amazon, or visit the Plaid Family Books website.


About the Author:

Michelle Tomars


Michelle Tomars is originally from Minnesota but has lived in Wisconsin most of her life. When she is not writing she spends much of her free time working with horses, which gives her inspiration for some of her stories. Contact her through the form at Plaid Family Books.


Thanks, Michelle, for your wonderful post!


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