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Sher here, republishing a modified post based on a spammer’s poor attempt at advertizing in English. Here’s an excerpt: “Do not take too lightly the potency of a person’s book translation companies, as they possibly result in the achievements of your company! With that said, these are typically five of the best ways to actually basically employ book translation to elevate sales and profits, expand the purchases and therefore improve branding comprehension.”

Yes, that’s a real quote. The rest was gobbledegook except the link to a pay per click translation service. I’ve removed the link. Why, if translation is so important to a company’s success? Because two of my editing team are translators in real life. Too bad I’ve forgotten most of my French, and I haven’t learned much Spanish. But after my multilingual editors translate, I can do the final proofreading.

As an example of poor translation, here’s another excerpt of the spam post: “A photograph will probably be worth 500 terms, also diners can use book translation services to make sure you multiply those people thoughts towards clientele. With the amount of buyers in the exact location, as well as increasing popularity, you would be wise just for eating establishments to post a real webcam, make independently on the market for ones book translation services world. That social media marketing websites bring marketing, advertising, also prospect interaction.”

Yes, it’s written in English. But in English, what does it mean? Maybe they meant, “A picture is worth a thousand words…” It sounds like this spammer is talking about restaurants, not patrons, using book translation services, but he or she doesn’t say anything about posting pictures of menu items along with the descriptions. If I can’t read the language, that’s what I would want, not a webcam. The webcam would be more for marketing.

If you value your business, please don’t hire a translator who uses pay per click advertising by people who don’t know that “diner” is more often a person eating than an eating establishment. In the parts I deleted, I never found five ways to use book translation to increase sales and profits. I guess the spammer doesn’t know English well enough to count.

If you want fluent multilingual translators who know English inside and out, check our “About” page for Vincent Noot and Angelique Bodine. I think you’ll be happy you did.

I might not want to proofread business translations because i prefer novels. But depending on the business and if I think it will help people, I might.

Whoever you choose to help translate, thanks for visiting!

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