The Runaway Horse: A Plaid Family Adventure

Hey everyone! I’m here with a review of The Runaway Horse. The book is written by Michelle Tomars and is one in her series of Plaid Family Adventures stories.

The story is a great story, perfect for a young child still learning life lessons. The Plaid Boy is forced to learn a valuable lesson after he makes a decision that leaves his family- and town panicked. It was obvious what the lesson in the story was, and the book itself was entertaining yet short enough to keep a young reader’s attention. The book was well-written and attention-grabbing, with great illustrations throw n in here and there.

The only problem with the book I saw was the naming of the characters. The main characters- Plaid Family- were named things Like “Plaid Son” or “Plaid Father,” yet when the Plaid characters reach town, the townsmen have names like “Plaid Bob” and “Plaid Dan.” I couldn’t – still don’t – quite understand why the main characters are named by their place in the family, yet townsmen have real names.

Other than the names, I loved the book. The story was great, and perfect for teaching young children an important lesson. And the writing and illustrations were both great. I would definitely recommend The Runaway Horse to any parent looking for a book for their little one to read. I’d probably give the book 5 stars.
Below, you can read more about the book, author, and praise about the book. Keep watching, because soon we’ll have a guest post from none other than author Michelle Tomars herself!


The Runaway Horse:

A Plaid Family Adventure

Runaway Horse

About the book:

The Plaid family farm sits on a wind-swept hill with snow-covered views of the land around it as far as the eye can see. On the Plaid family farm there are many animals: horses, kittens, and even a bull!
During the winter, Plaidville gets very cold and there is lots of snow. Lots of snow can mean lots of trouble. But it can also mean lots of exciting adventures! So come along and let’s see what kind of fun the Plaid family is up to!


Praise for The Runaway Horse:

“I’m looking forward to reading this book to my grandchildren! They will fall in love with the Plaid Family…and the adventure that happens an a cold winter day! Lovely illustrations along with a well written book makes this a winner!” – Rita Rae on


“EXCELLENT childrens book! Fun for the kids – my daughter LOVED it. An all around well written book, and awesome illustrations too. Hope to see more of these!”-


“Entertaining and fun story. Your kids will love this book! I also enjoyed the great illustrations. Can’t wait to read more plaid family adventures.”- Christina Hetchler on


“I read that book to my little nephew who enjoyed it! The pictures are adorable and the story line is great. I love the Plaid family!”- BL on


“Adorable story with cute pictures. Read to my six yr old and he loved it. Cant wait to see more plaid family adventures”- Liz on


Find the book on Amazon, or visit the Plaid Family Books website.


About the Author:

Michelle Tomars


Michelle Tomars is originally from Minnesota but has lived in Wisconsin most of her life. When she is not writing she spends much of her free time working with horses, which gives her inspiration for some of her stories. Contact her through the form at Plaid Family Books.

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