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 Hey everybody! Krista here to introduce our latest blog tour book, The Odyssey by Paige Crutcher.  Want to know more? I have an introduction to the book and author, some reviews from previous  readers and an excerpt. So stay with me and learn more about The Odyssey and how, starting today and through the end of the month, you can sign up to win a copy!


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TOOF Cover
About the Book

Meet Odd. Audrey “Odd” Ashworth is an exceptionally bright girl with a sympathetic heart. She’s in the top 4% of her class. She’s obsessed with getting into Manhattan School of Music, committed to following the “signs” the universe delivers, and infatuated with her recently deceased best friend’s boyfriend.

Life is a little strange for Odd.
Until she finds her best friend’s diary in her crush’s car, and decides to do the bucket list tucked inside the pages. As Odd seeks closure and a way to honor her friend, she discovers there’s nothing wrong with being a little strange, especially if it helps you discover who you were meant to be. Along the way, Odd falls into trouble, adventure, and finally love.



I think about the fact that it’s been almost three months since she died. I focus on how we’re still here, living in the after because remembering the before is too painful. I thought after the ruling came back that she was texting and driving, and her parents moved, things would get better. I’d have to let go. But sometimes it feels like she never left. Like there are pieces of Meredith still here, if only I knew where to look to find them.

He has her journal,” I repeat the words, finding the taste of them is as surreal as the sound.

“Well,” Bandit looks away from me for a moment, his hair tumbling forward as he dips his chin in thought. He turns back. “What did it say?”

“No clue. He came back outside before I could red more than the first page.”

“Where’s it now?”

“In my purse.”

“In his Jeep?”


Bandit narrows his eyes. “You think it was a sign, don’t you?”

I don’t respond. He thinks I’m mad for my sign theory, but how else can I explain the synchronicity?

This is just how it works. It’s like how if I help Penny with her Lit paper, I’ll nail a composition I’m struggling through. But if I turn her down, or accidentally give her the wrong answers to out Ethics homework because she and Leo broke up again and she and won’t stop talking about how it must be nice to be so smart because then you don’t have to worry about being pretty, I’ll stumble though my keys for the next two days as though I’m playing at a first year level. Some people, like Sage, might call it Karma (or delusion). But I know what it really is. I’m looking and the universe is delivering, and I don’t get to control the how or why

So I keep looking, hoping the right answers will fall magically in my lap.

Like the journal did.




“In THE ODYSSEY OF FALLING Paige Crutcher has written an anthem for every young heart looking to find its way in the world. This novel is tender and hilarious, beautiful and brave. Crutcher tells her story with a sure voice and a steady hand, all the while reminding us that youth, with all its complexities, is something to be savored. Just like this novel.” — Ariel Lawhon, author of THE WIFE, THE MAID, AND THE MISTRESS


“Tackling the very current lives of teenagers and their impossible choices, Paige Crutcher’s debut is completely self-assured, original and unique. She has an unparalleled ability to build characters you’ll love, root for, get angry with and miss when the story is finished. I predict big things for Crutcher — THE ODYSSEY OF FALLING is a wonderful debut, and I can’t wait for more from this authoritative new voice in reality YA.” –J.T. Ellison – New York Times bestselling author of WHEN SHADOWS FALL


“Paige Crutcher’s writing turns simple words into delicious bits of alchemy. Her characters are fully drawn, her settings are reach-out-and-touch real, and her voice is honest and vulnerable. Don’t miss this one!” — Myra McEntire, author of The Hourglass Series


“THE ODYSSEY OF FALLING is full of characters you feel for, root for, and begin to miss the second you reach the satisfying last page. It’s an emotionally charged story, beautifully rendered, that honors the rocky but spiritually rich journey through loss to what awaits on the other side.” — Lauren Roedy, author of OCD, THE DUDE, AND ME


About Paige


I write, read, rock out on my yoga mat, report for Publishers Weekly, and write YA. I play well with words and others, and when I’m not reporting, I daydream excessively before putting words on the page. Sometimes they’re jibberish, sometimes they’re honest in a way that makes me feel a little awkweird, but they always come with a message of hope and love.


More often than not, I’ve got my nose in a book (occasionally while inside my book fort), because inside story is where the magic waits.


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