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 Hi there everyone, Paul here today to bring you an interview of children’s book author PJ LaRue and the five Mystic Princesses. I’m excited to get the opportunity to read her book The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool. Before we get to the interview, here is a post Ms. LaRue wrote about her book and how it came to be.

  PJ LaRue: On “The Mystic Princesses and the Whirlpool”

The Mystic  Princesses and the Whirlpool started as a two or three page short story. When a co-worker and her daughter read it, they encouraged me to write a chapter  book. Although I’ve written poetry on and off since high school, I didn’t have  any experience as a children’s book writer, so I began with trepidation.

I wanted the book to be uplifting, make children  laugh, and introduce lessons I’d learned as a child. I thought back to a  vacation in Hawaii which my husband I took a few years previously to celebrate  our 25th anniversary, and knew it would provide the perfect setting.  And, as a bonus, I’d completed most of the research while planning our trip. Now the initial short story has grown into plans for a five book series, with each  princess being the focus of one of the books.

I enjoyed many aspects of writing this book. But I most loved that it made me feel light-hearted because it took me away from my  daily responsibilities.  Happy  children live in a bright colorful world because they haven’t lost their  imaginations yet. So when creating the setting and the characters I had to reach  inside and learn to play again. Fortunately, I have vivid dreams and never lost my imagination, which came to my rescue on this new  venture.

The Mystic Princesses are daughters of gods and  goddesses who inherit powers from their parents. The first book features  Princess Harmonie and Princess Coral. Princess Harmonie is the daughter of the  God Ares and the Goddess Aphrodite. She inherited the ability to make people  happy and peaceful. Her brothers and sisters are known as the Children of Ares.  They want to fight and cause wars, so they need to capture Princess Harmonie to  contain her ability to make people happy. Princess Coral is King Neptune’s  daughter and will grow to control the seas and sea creatures.  The remaining princesses have powers over  air, fire and the earth.

The five princesses are just beginning to learn about  their powers and have mishaps along the way. They learn they should not keep secrets  which could cause someone harm and they learn they need to practice their skills to improve their abilities. And one of my primary goals was to write the book  without handsome princes. I want to inspire young girls to learn solve their own  problems without waiting to be rescued.

At the end of the book, the princesses  triumph over evil. But since good can’t exist without evil, the next book is in the works.

Now onto the character interview. 

I recently sat down with The Mystic Princesses and their friend, PJ LaRue. I had to listen fast, because one poor lonesome guy listening to six girls talk, umm, that was entertaining. Here’s some quick background about the Mystic Princesses.

The Mystic Princesses are daughters of gods and goddesses. They inherited powers from their parents and will use those powers to protect Princess Harmonie from the Children of Ares. They first learned of these powers at Princess Coral’s birthday party. (Let me jump in for a second and let you know that I am addressing each princess by name so as not to confuse you, the reader. I know it sounds silly, but they kept me busy and I don’t want you confused since you’re not sitting here with us).

Princess Catie how did all of you meet?

“Four of already knew each other, because our parents are friends. We were getting together for Princess Coral’s birthday party when we met Princess Harmonie.”

Princess Coral, which one of you learned to use your new powers first?

“Princess Catie. She can make rainbows and turn us into birds. When we finished the birthday party Princess Catie made rainbows for us to go to Turtle Town, near Maui. We’d fly to the top of the rainbow as birds, then turn human again and slide down the rainbows.”

Princess Catie, I heard you had a bit of a scare that day.

“Yes, when I tired from using my new powers, the rainbow slide disappeared and the girls started falling toward the water. It was scary then, but now I think it was funny. Our arms were still flapping, like we were flying.”

Well, you are obviously okay. How did you survive the fall?

“Princess Coral told us to dive into the water, rather than falling and hurting ourselves. She can help us all breathe underwater without scuba tanks.”

Princess Harmonie, how did you like living underwater at King Neptune’s home?

“Once I learned to trust Princess Coral to help me breathe underwater it was a lot of fun. But getting used to the food was hard.”  She leaned in a whispered quietly so that only I would hear. “They eat seaweed like it is a salad. That was pretty disgusting, at first.”

Princess Janna, what did you like about going to school with Princess Coral?

“I liked Olivia Octopus. She was my favorite teacher since she has eight arms and can do more than one math problem at a time.”

Princess Janna, was it difficult for you to practice your powers under water, since you control lady bugs and butterflies?

“We would come ashore so that Princess Breanna and I could practice.  I like making the lady bugs and butterflies fly in circles around our heads, like they are crowns.”

Princess Breanna, I hear you have a bit of a temper. How did that affect your ability to throw fireballs?

Princess Breanna shifted uncomfortably in her chair and glared at me before answering. “I had a hard time with the size and the distance I could throw the fire balls. They weren’t consistent. But the girls helped me to learn to control them.”

At that point PJ spoke up.

“Paul, for your sake, you might not want to pursue this conversation. Princess Breanna is still working on her fiery temper.”

Princess Coral, how did you save Princess Harmonie from the Children of Ares? That was a wonderful accomplishment.

Princess Coral blushed from the compliment and replied shyly. “Please read our book, so you can find out about all of our adventures.”

PJ, how did you create these colorful characters?

“I don’t know if I should tell you this, but the princesses tell me their stories. I just write them down.” 
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