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The Grimm Chronicles

200 years ago, the Brothers Grimm unleashed their stories upon the world. Literally. Now the characters of the Grimms’ stories walk among us. With every day that passes, they grow more evil. They are the Corrupted, and only a hero can stop them.

For 18-year-old Alice Goodenough, that means taking precious time off from her summer vacation. In addition to volunteering at the local library, Alice must stop the Corrupted who are now actively hunting her down. With the help of her magic pen and her trusty rabbit friend, the world has suddenly gotten a lot more complex. The Corrupted are everywhere, and only Alice can see them for what they truly are.

This book contains the first 3 episodes of the critically acclaimed series
Episode 1: Prince Charming Must Die!
Episode 2: Happily Never After
Episode 3: Revenge of the Castle Cats

Additional features for this special edition:
– An introduction
– Two special “Lost Diaries”
– A behind-the-scenes interview
– A collection of original Grimms’ Fairy Tales

The Grimm Chronicles is intended for Young Adults aged 13 and up. The goal is to provide Young Adult readers with a strong, charismatic young woman in the role of the hero and provide readers with a positive protagonist who uses her brain to overcome obstacles life throws in her way.

Also Available Volume 2 of the Grimm Chronicles

Book 4: The Orphanage of Doom
Book 5: Blood and Thunder
Book 6: The Order of the Golden Dragon


“5 stars!” ~ Bookies Book Blog

“Highly recommended for all who love fairy tales and the YA genre.” ~ My Cozie Corner

“All in all the books were excellent.” ~ LilyElement

“If you love fairy tales and them being turned into modern day stories you will love these short stories.” ~ Mom With a Kindle

5 stars (out of 5) ~ I Am, Indeed

“Isabella Fontaine and Ken Brosky’s incredible talent for storytelling takes the reader on an amazing action-packed ride fueled by endless creativity and limitless imagination. TGC is like a high-stakes version of Harold and the Purple Crayon meets a contemporary, above ground Alice in Wonderland. “ ~ Bookfetish

“I absolutely loved this book! No, let me rephrase that, I FREAKING LOVE THIS BOOK! Nope, that doesn’t even do it justice. Vol. 1 has the first three stories from the 12 that will ultimately make up the chronicles.” ~ Jesse Kimmel-Freeman


About the Authors
Ken Brosky received his MFA in fiction writing from the University of Nebraska-Omaha. He also teaches English at Madison College. This is his first Young Adult series.

Isabella Fontaine owns a farm in Wisconsin and enjoys reading weird books like House of Leaves. This is her first Young Adult series.

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Boy, what a great sounding book, huh? Paul here, and today I get the great pleasure of reviewing The Grimm Chronicles. Yeah! First, I’d like to remind everyone to enter the Sunshine Syndicate tour and huge giveawayThe Puppet Spell Blog Tour, The Ugly Stepsisters Blog Tour Giveaway, and make sure to stop by the Kindle Fire Giveaway hosted by Four Littles Media, Sher A. Hart, and others. Stop by the Hop Into Books Giveaway Hop, The Fields of Elysium Book Blast Giveaway, and The Guardians Inc.: The Cypher Book Blast, Free Book plus Giveaway. Okay, on to the review.

What I liked best: I loved Alice and I love libraries so this book got off to a great start with me. Alice a very good character and that is so very important to me in a book. I love Stephen King and characters are his strongest suit (in my opinion). She is thoughtful, confident, loves books, yet is still an insecure teenager. Libraries played a big role in the book as well and they are one of my favorite places. Main character, check. Setting, check. I also loved the exchanges in the book. There were so many clever ones. I particularly enjoyed the fun reference to Prince Charming from Alice as she talks to Seth. And also the exchange between Alice and Fran about Br’er Rabbit. I know I should give a few more details, but I don’t want to be a spoiler. Oh, and I love Br’er Rabbit being in the book. If you’ve followed my posts then you know Uncle Remus and Br’er Rabbit are my favorite. I guess this list could go on, so I’ll leave it at the above mentioned as what I liked best.

What missed a bit: There were a few minor typo’s, but nothing that affected the story in any way. Other than that, the only miss I found was the introduction of the hero’s diary. I am a bit uncertain how it fit in. The insertion that is. It’s quite clear why it is introduced, I just felt like it was tossed in without any explanation. Otherwise, not a lot to discuss here. A really, really good book.

Overall: A great main character, a great setting, and Br’er Rabbit playing a major role in the story all combine to make a really, really fantastic book. I would classify The Grimm Chronicles as mature YA. I think this book is a winner and quite honestly, can’t wait to read more. I can’t help thinking how much fun it would be to play and chat with Br’er Rabbit. Although, I wouldn’t want to have to deal with the Corrupted. I’ll leave that to Alice. I’m going to be sure to pick up her next adventure and I highly recommend you do too.

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  1. This is one of my favorite reviews so far! I like the positives and negatives section, which gives prospective readers a balanced look at the book.

    On a side note, we’re very interested in weeding out the last few typos … if anyone can help us find them, we’ll gladly give away a Kindle edition of Volume 2! Email us at

    Ken Brosky and Isabella Fontaine

    • Hi Ken,
      Thank you for the kind words. And thank you for the opportunity to read it. I loved your book! I wish I would have written them down, but I did not. There were not very many, that’s for sure. Maybe I’ll take a look again. Thanks for such a great book and for stopping by.


  2. This series sounds so cool! I hope to read the first one soon! Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Alice sounds awesome and I love libraries, too!

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