The Girl with the Gold Coin Proofreading Contest

Hi, all, Sher here, so happy to be done with my taxes that I want to jump for joy! But I’m way behind, so I’ll settle for catching up on my blog, starting with a proofreading contest for the second of a middle grade fantasy book series, Norm and Burny. I enjoyed the first Norm and Burny book a lot, and you can find my review here. I loved the illustrations almost as much as the story.

But if you want to jump right into book two, The Girl with the Gold Coin, you can do it FREE if you help the authors proofread. You might even win your own signed print edition, so go ahead, give it a shot. Even if you don’t win the book, you’ll become a new Norm and Burny fan–unless you don’t like reading fun and wild magical adventure books.

I took a few liberties with the text below because the information came from the authors’ website, and they’re the ones offering the prize. Please, read on.

Welcome, proofreaders!

They say no book is ever perfect — but they haven’t heard about our
  April 2014 proofreading competition!   Read The Girl with the Gold Coin free!
Win your own free signed copy!

  The print-ready copy will be available during April on the Norm and Burny website, for proofreading. If you are the first to report an error, the authors will send you a signed first edition paperback of The Girl with the Gold Coin with their thanks.

“We will give away as many books as our sharp-eyed proofreaders earn!”

    To participate, enter your passcode.
You can have a passcode just by asking.
Click here to request a passcode
Not interested? Click here to exit

Okay, that’s all for the contest, but in case you didn’t notice yet, there’s a new blog contributor on the sidebar. Vincent Noot joined our blog last week. He’s about to launch his first children’s book, Find the Cutes, and he already posted his first two book reviews. Cool beans!
Franklin Bean would say “Cool frijoles!”  What? Well, if you want to know what, scroll down to the last post or click here and read all about the frijoles in Vincent’s book review. I’m going to ask him to introduce himself here, and he’ll be on our “About” page soon, so please come back and read all about this talented illustrator who authored a children’s search book with his wife, Celestial. I love that name! 
Now on to the Kid Lit blog hop hosted by Mother Daughter Book Reviews.
See the new logo? I love that too. I’d also love to hear your comments, and then if you have time, please scroll back through a few more posts to read book reviews and find open giveaways before you go hopping. Thanks for visiting!

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  1. Oh wow Shera, what an incredibly good idea, a proof reading contest, that is priceless. I wish I had thought of it. And Find The Cutes, I saw this on kickstarter, it looked so cool. Thanks so much for joining us on the Kid Lit Blog Hop. Can’t wait for Find The Cutes, we loved where’s Wally. Keep us posted on its release.

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