Gianna the Great Blog Tour and Giveaway

Tour Schedule Hey everybody! It’s Krista here with another great book! Today I’m reviewing Gianna the Great by Becky Villareal. It is a short chapter book about a curious little girl with lots of attitude. Below you’ll find more info on the book, author, and a new rafflecopter opportunity! About …

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IWSG: April Fool on Me.

Hi, it’s Sher today with the Insecure Writers Support Group., thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh. So here’s my big announcement: I published a book! Yeah, right. But I am recovering from surgery to fix my hiatal hernia. It might be time to rewrite the old saying to “What goes down …

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IWSG: Insecurities x 3

Hi, it’s Sher today with an Insecure Writers Support Group post. As always, thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh for leading the IWSG as our Inspiring Warrior Sagacious Guardian. Last month, nobody noticed his new title. Then, one of my biggest insecurities was finding time to write, but I put that …

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