September is for Sequels – The Phoenix Glove by Justin Dennis

Hey Everyone! Angie here with a giveaway hop called September is for Sequels.

We are giving away a great book called The Phoenix Glove. It is the second book in the Through the Portal trilogy written by Justin Dennis. We have, here, an interview with the author about the series so you can get a taste for what you could be winning. I am in the process of reading the series myself and I’mloving the story! Even if you don’t win, anyone can get the first book in the series free on Amazon. Check it out here.


The Phoenix Glove Synopsis:

Several months after Jem, Sierra, and Snovel fought Atychis on the North Island, the Veroci Regime manages to finally take over Callisto. Jem and the other Callistonians are forced to flee to the zombie-infested world of Kelados where they live in the Fortress, the only human city in the whole world. Unfortunately for the Callistonians, however, the Fortress Council refuses to help them reclaim Callisto until they can rid Kelados of the zombies. Since Kelados hasn’t been free of zombies in over two thousand years, this task seems nearly impossible to Jem.

But there is one glimmer of hope. The Phoenix Glove, an ancient weapon imbued with the powers of the Phoenix, could save them all. The Veroci Regime is growing stronger with each passing day, though, and Jem will need to act quickly if he plans to save Callisto.

The Phoenix Glove is approximately 114,000 words and is the second in a trilogy.

[Trigger Warning: There are discussions of child abuse and sexual abuse in this novel.]

Meet Justin Dennis

Justin is from the rainy state of Washington bur is going to school in sunny California. Soccer, which he used to play in high school, is his favorite sport, and he has an interest in creative writing, anthropology, and physics. He is a huge tech nerd who is obsessed with the newest and shiniest phones, tablets, and computers.

Writing occupies almost all of his time. The Through the Portal trilogy is his effort to inspire good morals in an entertaining and exciting way. Through fantasy, he believes that important real-world lessons can be conveyed effectively.


1. Why did you write this book (as opposed to another)?

I wrote Through the Portal as a culmination of all the things I wanted to write about as a kid: a new world, magic, a dragon. But I also wrote it because I feel like fiction is an incredibly important tool for teaching good morals.

Books like Harry Potter teach people from a young age that it doesn’t matter if you’re a half-blood or a pure-blood (or black, or white, or purple), you’re still a person who deserves respect. In Through the Portal, I created six very different Regions (based loosely on Holland’s’ six personality types) to show that people can get along and work together, despite their differences.

Of course, there are all sorts of other morals and lessons that can be drawn from the entire trilogy, but promoting acceptance and tolerance was definitely a key motivator for me during my writing.

2. Why would I want to read your story? (What makes your book unique or interesting?)

I don’t think magic has ever been done this way before. In Callisto, the magic world Jem finds himself in, using magic uses energy. (Yes, that has been done before.) But the unique aspect is sylph. Sylph is a blue flubber-like substance that anyone can create that can do incredible feats of magic while expending very minimal energy.

Of course, as the trilogy progresses, even more new and fascinating forms of magic are discovered. There are also all kinds of new creatures like dragonets (miniature dragons) that I think readers will enjoy.

3. What are your main character’s greatest hopes, biggest fears, or both?

Jem’s hopes and fears, like any good character, change throughout the book. In the beginning, living on Earth, he’s just trying to get through each day. He’s bullied, worn-down, and sad.

But upon entering Callisto, his greatest fear quickly becomes being stranded there. Jem is fearful of change and strange places, and he wants nothing more than to get home.

Of course, that mentality can’t last forever. Throughout his journey, Jem grows attached to his new friends and the new world he finds himself in, and he realizes that what he really wants is to protect Callisto. His greatest fear, well, I can’t tell you that. It would give away too much. πŸ˜‰

4. What would you like readers to know about your book?

I wrote it purposefully to be suitable for a wide variety of age groups. I tried to keep it PG and simple enough that young kids could understand it, while also tying in some background plots and themes that would intrigue an older audience. The trilogy is also meant to grow as Jem grows, meaning that the writing style and plots become deeper and more complex as the trilogy progresses.

5. What other books have you written for children (or are writing)?

I’ve written two other books in the trilogy, The Phoenix Glove, and Switching. Currently, I’m not writing, although I have many ideas for novels in the future. I poured everything I had for three years into this trilogy, and I’m super super proud of it.

Find out more about Justin on his website, on Facebookor follow him on Twitter. You can also contact Justin at

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