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Sher A. Hart here with a book review follow on for the Stuck in a Good Book Giveaway Hop hosted by Kathy at I am a Reader Not a Writer and Valerie at Stuck in Books.

Rudy Toot-TootRudy Toot-Toot by Rick Daley

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

My grown sons would have enjoyed the story when they were young. In fact, they would still like it now. But I thought I was immune from potty humor until a line about skid marks made me laugh aloud. Since I was walking around the block with my Kindle, it’s a good thing I hadn’t eaten beans. Long story short, I invited Rick to participate in a blog hop giveaway and have been pleasantly surprised by the response.

So why would parents want to buy a book about farting? Answer, because the same book teaches self-control of bodily functions in such a fun way that children won’t care that they are learning important life lessons. To me, the message of self-control was the most important part of the book, but Rick sneaked in some other lessons, including basic math and hard words (for kids), all in humorous ways. Aside from some telling at the beginning of the story, he did a good job of showing what happened. Some great illustrations added even more to the effect.

Rick’s writing is technically flawless. The man can tell a story. However, there was a slight flaw in the message. In real life, farting in public is never acceptable. In the story, Rudy does learn that there is a time and place for everything. However, the time comes when he is asked for a public demonstration of his abilities. And although his farts got him in terrible trouble, they also make him a hero. Parents could tweak that message to: “Never fart in public. Even if people laugh, they will never want to be around you again.”

I asked a friend with children ages eight, nine, and eleven to read this book, and although they’re not yet done, she estimated ages five through nine would enjoy this book the most. Her eight-year-old considered it great at two thirds finished. The nine-year-old was too shy to say, and the 11-year-old gave it 3 1/2 stars. I settled on a four star rating as an excellent read with an imperfect message. It’s well worth the time in enjoyment, including the extra beans you’ll have to buy because your kids are going to want to eat a lot of them when they’re done reading. I also suggest you buy some jellybeans or something similar as a reward for those who master self-control and come out smelling like a rose, at least in public. In the end (pun intended), they’ll be glad you taught them good manners.

I hope you enjoyed my review because I’m sure you’ll enjoy Rick’s book with your children or grandchildren or do like I did, find some in the nursery at church. In the first two chapters, the children didn’t roll on the floor laughing, but they did laugh and wanted to read more.

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  1. LOL; I have one of these. I like your review. It was a weird one for me too, but I liked the life and moral lessons imbeded.


  2. Not entering to win, just wanted to say that Rick will be thrilled with your review.

  3. Late to the game here but backing up Alex 100%…Thanks for the review!

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