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Hi, all, never mind who this post says is the author. Yes, this is Sher, but I’m just publishing a book review Vincent Noot wrote while we were still on Blogger last year. Somehow all of our posts transferred as if they were mine, and I never went through them until yesterday when I was looking for drafts to publish. It’s easier than writing new ones, and saving time is important when I’m doing taxes. So with that explanation, please read and enjoy Vincent’s review as he wrote it below:


Review of Magic Numbers by A. A. Sarkiss

I have never reviewed a school math booklet before, but my opinion as a writer/illustrator and a former internee at an elementary school might as well be taken as seriously as any other. I have worked a lot with children, so I understand the art of teaching them to count and read. First of all, nice unicorn on the front cover. I think everyone who has seen “Despicable Me” knows that unicorns are valued amongst little kids. The rest of the book is colorful too, although I would have used brighter colors instead of the pastel tint a lot of them have.

In this book, children learn to count, recognize colors, and do simple math problems (adding, always the first one to learn). The counting is simply portrayed with soccer balls, camels, birds, turtles, and flowers. In the end, there is an evaluation sheet. Nice for teachers, so they can track their progress.

4 Stars, really like it!



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