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Hey, all you guys out there in writer land. First, I need male beta readers for my first middle grade SF book, Erth Won, and some long term critique partners for book 2 on out. With a Boy Scout main character, I need to make sure he acts like a guy. Well, since he’s a boy scout, he should behave a little better than the average teen. I’m not saying he does, but I sure don’t want him acting like a girl.

My other books all have male main characters. I don’t know why I write from a male POV unless it’s because after my dad died, my older sister took over as Mom, and I did the Dad stuff. I was a daddy’s girl before Dad died and after that, sort of a tom boy. At least I played with trolls instead of barbies, climbed trees a lot, and my best friend was a boy until he moved away.  At six, I couldn’t understand why our mothers wouldn’t let us have sleepovers.

In spite of marrying a guy, raising 4 sons and helping them all the way to their Eagle Scout Awards, I can’t say I really know the mind of man. I read a male writer’s blog post saying it’s all about power. Is it like that for every guy? Yea or nay, I need male readers who don’t hate poetry or puns. My hubby doesn’t mind the first and even writes it for my birthday or Christmas, but he says reading my chapters with puns give him headaches. Isn’t that supposed to be my excuse? I think it’s just because he’d rather watch wrestling on TV. No headache from watching noses get bashed in, no way. And no headache from getting close enough to take pictures like this while fishing in Alaska recently.

So if you’re a guy who read Piers Anthony’s Xanth series or Terry Pratchett’s Disworld, you might like Erth Won in spite of the fact it’s got an SF explanation for the puns rather than magic. Warning, it’s not all fun and games because I wanted to attract reluctant readers. You can see what it’s about by clicking on my book website tab.

Next up, I also want male agent recommendations or at least recommendations for agencies with both male and female agents who represent children’s through YA. I haven’t seen a lot a men who do this, and I don’t want to have to switch agents every time I switch age groups. Please give me your best recommendations and by the time I finish rewriting my query, maybe I’ll have a better idea where to send them. Thanks!

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  1. I tweeted this. Hope you find the right folks to help.

  2. I know what you mean! I’m writing a 12 year old boy right now. Even though I have a 12 year old son, it’s still so hard to nail the voice of the 12 year old I’M WRITING. They’re not even close to the same person.

    As far as agents– I can’t be sure on these, but I do know they all rep MG. And I think all agents that rep MG also rep YA, although don’t quote me. Some of the ones that fell into my top rankings when I was querying were Daniel Lazar from Writer’s House, Stephen Barbara from Foundry, Barry Goldblatt from Barry Goldblatt Literary, Stephen Fraser from Jennifer DeChiara Literary agency, Rubin Pfeffer from East-West, Michael Bourret from Dystel and Goderich, Steven Malk from Writer’s House, and Josh Getzler from Russell and Volkening. Last I checked all of those were in the top 30 or so in sales listed on Publisher’s Marketplace. Best of luck!

  3. Found you through Robyn’s blog. Hope you get the view points you need. :O)

  4. New follower, found you from Robyn too. I’d try Querytracker, it’s pretty awesome for finding agents and searching.

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