Media Kit Instructions

Media Kit:

Please send your publicity/promotional information (press kit) in html format along with your book review requestinterview, or guest post, to one of the blog authors listed on our About page. The html instructions are at the bottom of this page. This will save you a step and save us hours of time searching for links and downloading and uploading pictures. You can use this same html document over and over again to send other bloggers for book tours and the like. Sending a pre-written html post will help convince reluctant bloggers to feature your book because you’ll look professional–and it’s one less post they’ll have to write. 


What to include:

1. book cover picture
2. blurb
3. book video (if you have one)
4. praise (You must first obtain permission to reprint review excerpts.)
5. purchase links
6. short author bio(s)
7. social media links such as website, blog, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, etc.
8. contact information. You want fan letters, right?  At least fan emails.


Instructions: How to make your kit in HTML

Let’s start with what not to do. Don’t use Word because any pictures you include won’t transfer onto my blog even if you save it as a web page. Word also adds a bunch of unnecessary code. What should you do? Write your post on your blog–if you have one. Include all your links and pictures. If you don’t have a blog and don’t want one, you can sign up on Blogger or for free and click the “private” button so no one but you will ever see your posts. You can then use the blog to create html documents. To do this, click the “new post” button, then write a post (under the compose tab on Blogger or under the visual tab on WordPress). Add all your links and upload your pictures. Do not include background colors as those look bad on a dark blog. You don’t have to publish the post. Click “save” and “preview.”. A new tab will open and you can see how it looks. Keep adjusting until it looks nice. Once you’re done, click the html button next to the compose button (Blogger) or the text button next to the visual button (WordPress) and copy all the code (including weird stuff like < and >) into a text document. Save it as .txt, not doc or .docx, and email that document to one of us as an attachment.

As mentioned above, you can send the same html document to every blogger. They use as is or adjust as needed for their website (we don’t all have the same width or background colors) Of course, once you’ve created your post you may decide to use a blog as part of your author platform. Just remember how much time it took to create one post and subtract that from your writing time each day. If you’re interested, we’re always looking for guest posters and/or collaborators for an author co-operative to cross-promote each other and get back more writing time. Same genre rules as above. 

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