Author Hosting Overview:

We are happy to do book reviews,  guest posts, interviews, and host blog tours or book blasts  for any author of children’s fiction from picture books up through young adult if your book has been professionally edited. If not, we pre-screen because we want our readers to feel confident that they’ll find quality literature on this blog. Since some YA now has mature themes, note that all books must be family friendly. Inquiries are not necessary if you book fits the above criteria. On occasion we feature an adult SF or fantasy if it’s a clean read and the cast includes teens and children in an active role and positive manner. For these, please do inquire first. 

Book blasts and blog tours:

We don’t offer them, but we recommend you arrange either or both if you have the budget.  A book blast or blog tour will save a lot of time and effort over querying individual bloggers. We accept tour spots from various book bloggers who do paid marketing and offer guaranteed reviews and do giveaways that attract large audiences. The two we work with most frequently are Kathy at I am a Reader and Renee at Mother, Daughter (and Son) Book Reviews. We are affiliated with neither. They are just the book bloggers who host a large amount of children’s book authors.

If you don’t have the budget, then you’re in the right place. Check out all the free publicity you can get right here via:

Guest Posts:

You’re the expert on your book. Nobody else knows your world or your characters as well as you do. So don’t be afraid to write a guest post. If it’s your first time and you can’t think of what to write, feel free to use the interview questions below to help you decide on a focus. Whatever you write, remember that the underlying purpose is to sell your story to readers.


Option one:

Character Interview or character conversation: Write your own questions, discussion, or some combination.  It seems readers like character interviews and/or conversations best. They may or may not work best to sell books–you be the judge. Here are some I liked, oldest to newest:

Mindjacker: two competing boyfriends
Catalyst: mc and a dragon
Karmack: my blog partner, Paul, and the mc
Fire Country: Jeann (a book blogger) and the mc
Diego’s Dragon: author and mc
Soulless: author and two characters

Option two:

If you don’t want to send a character interview or conversation or another type of guest post geared to your book or literacy, please answer these questions:

1. Why did you write this book (as opposed to another)?

2. What makes your book unique or more interesting than others in the genre?

3. What are your main character’s greatest hopes, biggest fears, or both?

4. Author choice of questions: What would you like readers to know about your book?

5. What other books have you written for children (or are writing)?

Feel free to adjust and/or add to these questions to fit your book, but please focus on what readers would want to know. Also, send no more than six questions/answers if a giveaway is included. Readers want to get to the giveaway once they’re excited to read your book.

Following our blog is not required, but it’s nice. We also have a blog button on the sidebar that looks like the picture below with code underneath that you can put on your sidebar for cross promotion. We’ve read a lot of books over the years, all the better to spot a great new story. We hope it’s yours!

Book reviews:

The wait is longer for book reviews. Way longer. Please enter your book in our new Review Queue. That way you may be able to receive receive reviews from other authors in line before we catch up on our TBR piles. Before sending a request of any of us, please check our preferences on the About page. We each read about two books per month because we split our time between reading, writing, editing, education, and our families! If your book is available in print, we may get to it faster and will post any 3+ star reviews on our blog, Amazon, Goodreads, and other sites by request.

We may decline to review a book we consider 2 stars or lower. In this case, we will offer a critique or editing advice. Three of us provide different types of  inexpensive editing services from critiques, editorial letters, substantive developmental editing (content or line editing where we suggest changes and add comments within your document), copy editing, and final proofing. If we like your book(s) except for the errors, we may send you private notes on the worst problems so you can correct them. The error list is usually FREE in Kindle note format. For very long error lists, there may be a small fee.


We recommend a book giveaway if you want better traffic for your post. We use various giveaway hops, some of which are genre specific. Check the left sidebar, click any hop that looks like it will fit your book, read the rules, and then contact whichever one of us (see our About page) best fits your book to ask if he or she has that hop already scheduled. You can’t always tell from the linky list. First come, first serve. Authors who reply to readers’ comments during the giveaway will have a better chance of those readers buying their book(s). They will also stand a better chance of us inviting them back. 

If you decide to do a book giveaway, you’ll have to make your own giveaway form according to the hop rules and administer choosing the winner(s). Rafflecopter is free and easy. Please use the mandatory form entry for a blog comment about why the person wants to read your book or something similar. This way you’ll have a permanent list of who is interested enough to become a potential buyer. It’s a good idea to make one task to share on social media and bring more traffic. An entry to follow my blog would be nice, but it isn’t necessary. You get to pick any more tasks the hop allows. Please send your reviewer the giveaway form html at least a couple days before the deadline so we can add it to your post and publish it on time. Otherwise, the hop host will delete our entry. It is your responsibility to get the winner(s) shipping or email address to send digital book(s) and to mail or email the prize(s). Please read our Author Giveaway FAQ page for more information.

Media Kit:

All of the above require a media kit. Instructions are here. Please send the kit along with your request.


Help wanted:

Last but not least, we’re always looking for guest posts and/or collaborators to get back more writing time. Same genre rules as above. We intend to form an author co-operative to share the marketing load.



Please let us know if this was helpful. Also check out the author giveaway FAQ page for more detailed information. Thanks!


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  1. I would love to set up an author interview, would I just answer the questions for the interview in a word doc and email it to you or what sort of things are you looking for in order to get that going?

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