Once upon a planet

As an aspiring author, I want to share the link to my website where I recently started blogging. Life is a little less civilized on Erth One, and dangerous to anyone less equipped for battle than a cat-o’-nine-tails. Click the link to read under the Fantasy Writer’s Fancies Blog tab at www.sherahart.com

Those first few blogs show me trying to find my focus as a blogger, not limited to writing. Some people believe in holistic medicine. I believe holistic writing can improve more than my own physical and mental health. I hope it will change people’s attitudes, which are connected to the health of the whole planet, via their actions. Actions do change things, and I want my book to change things for the better, not the kind of change advertised by a certain politician. I love my freedom, thanks.

With our own planet’s problems in mind, I wanted to write about another aged world whose health has already been so seriously damaged that its Heartland is in danger of complete destruction. So . . . In the beginning she created Erth One — in writing.

Whoever said there aren’t other earths? One of them had to be first, and Erth One has had plenty of time to develop a mind of its own. Sentient, but sentenced to destruction. Now where would a conscious planet with a conscience look for replacement SCOUTS (check the acronym on my website) to save its Heartland than here, in the heartland of the USA among Boy Scouts already trained to care for nature? In fact, the power of change certain SCOUTS acquire from the planet is more than wordplay.  A SCOUT’s recreation is re-creation.

Since I love humor, wordplay and puns, I had to create a planet with a sense of humor too. Even with a pair of mock-a-sins in the mix, I hope the message doesn’t t come-off as preachy. Things don’t all work out peachy either, since I’m saving some serious setbacks for subsequent stories in the series. (Say that five times fast).

I haven’t found the key to looking up friends’ blogs or those of my favorite authors. If you know how, please contact me. I’ll follow you if you follow me.

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