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PhotobucketHello everyone, Paul here today. Today I am very happy to announce the No Strings Attached Giveaway Hop hosted by  Kathy at I Am A Reader Not A Writer . We are using this as our 1000 follower giveaway. As we near the 1000 follower mark we wanted a way to say Thank You to all our our loyal and supportive followers What better way to do that than with a great giveaway? First a reminder to enter  The Circle of Tivedon Blog Tour and you still have today to enter the Young Adult Faeries & Fantasy Giveaway Hop.  Stop by the blog tour of Rise of the Fire Tamer by Kailin Gow

For all current giveaways, a middle grade author spotlight opportunity, and to sign up for a March Kindle Fire giveaway with low-cost entries for bloggers and authors, please click here. 

In case you  missed our request for another blogger, here it is: If you’re an author of children’s books (from picture books up through YA) who doesn’t have a blog, or if you’re a reader who wants to share book reviews on our blog, please contact Paul or me. We provide free training and free books to review here. In return, we ask for a six month commitment. After that you can stay with us or start your own blog.

We are offering a medium priority box of mostly used books to a US follower and a $20 Amazon Gift Card for an international follower. Check out the great selection of books below then make sure to enter the Rafflecopter form at the bottom for your chance to win. As the hop states: No Strings Attached. All we need is for you to leave a comment telling us how to contact you if you name is drawn. That’s it! Simple right? Well, go ahead, enter and let me extend a heartfelt Thank You for visiting and following our blog!
The Anybodies is gone.
Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Masquerade are both gone. 
Catch as Cat Can is gone. I have a couple other cat detective books though.
Hart’s Hope, Speaker for the Dead, and Xenocide are gone. 
Here’s a hardback for size comparison to trade paperbacks.
The  middle two paperbacks by Terry Goodkind are gone but I have a new hardback in the same series, Faith of the Fallen, below.

Both of these are large hardbacks.

Now for some guy books we ended up with, not all mine so don’t ask me if I liked them. Some were my sons’ books, and who knows where the rest came from?

Both hardbacks. Kiln People is an inch taller and twice as thick as Prince of the Blood.
A note from Sher: That’s most of my lower alphabet books (written for adults). I have many upper alphabet authors including a large full box of Andre Norton and half a box of Anne McCaffrey. Please ask for other upper alphabet authors and books for teens. I have a large stash of those too but didn’t take pictures. I get an E for effort. Whew! I’m very grateful for your support. 
Please also note that we are not responsible for any loss or damage in transit because we have no control once the books are mailed. If they get lost along the way like my last shipment did, I will start a trace. If the books aren’t found, I will send you the postage amount when the post office gives me a refund. If you’d like insurance, you may send the extra amount via paypal.

So enter the Rafflecopter below and tell us how to contact you if your name is drawn. Thank you & good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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      Paul R. Hewlett

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    • Thanks, and yes, postage is a killer for international shipping. It would cost more to send than buying them did. But who knows, maybe you’ll find some of the same titles at thrift shops or used book stores. Garage sales are my favorite or I wouldn’t have such a huge collection. Good luck!

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