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Fiverr is an inexpensive way to hire services such as Photoshop images.  When I decided to write many years ago, I chose my pun name, Sher A. Hart, because I liked the sound of sharing my heart. I wanted a logo conveying that message too. But as a book lover turned editor I wanted more than just sharing my heart. I wanted to share my love of books worldwide. So I asked for books orbiting earth in a heart shape. The logo below is what I got from the first artist I hired.

logo400x400It took multiple revisions and 3 extra gigs to get this much. Without a background,  how can you tell the books are orbiting earth? You can’t. So I went back to Fiverr and looked for someone who was an expert at Photoshop. Jackpot! I found Amir from Israel. Compare the logo above to the one below. Although the size is the same, the difference in impact is huge.




My new logo is out of this world!

Besides adding the starry background, Amir resized my tagline, outlined my text for better visibility, added the picture frame, and centered the image.  Not only that, but he drew the heart over the heartland for me. And he did this so fast it almost sent my head into orbit along with my heart.

I love my new logo!

My advice is to be careful who you hire. Contact the person beforehand to make sure he or she has the skills you need.  I highly recommend Amir, and I hope to hire him again for my blog header.

What about you? Have you ever hired someone from Fiverr? If so, how did your gig(s) turn out?

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