My Body of–Body Parts!

Body: Sometimes I have to start typing before I know what I want to say. My fingers seem to be quicker than my brain at making decisions. So are my feet, which often take me somewhere my brain doesn’t seem to know about. When I get there they just stand around, so I have no clue why I’m there. I prefer my fingers as decision makers. At least they leave a trail of words that say, hey, this is what’s on your mind. If that makes me strange, and I’m sure it does, I hear most writers are strange. So Brain, now it’s time for you to get in gear and add something to the conversation.

Brain: Why do I always have to be the brains in this family? You should know I’ve been wanting to post more about writing skills, although I’ve done a lot more reading than writing in the last couple months, no thanks to Heart. Remember, it was me who decided to give away most of my book collection so hubby will stop claiming I’m a hoarder, but I keep finding books I want to read before I send them to someone else. All those interesting plots, just waiting to be explored! And what inspiration for my writing.  Maybe I shouldn’t give the books away after all.

Body: What’s a poor body to do?

Heart: Listen to your heart. I should be the boss of this body, and I can hardly bear parting with some of my old favorite books, and I wouldn’t, except Brain got so bossy about making space. I don’t want to be a hoarder either, but how can anyone resist the lure of, hmm, what was it I just finished reading?

Brain: It’s a good thing one of us has a mind. It was the The Amulet of Samarkand. It’s so thick it cost a week of writing time. And before that, I caved to let you read Fablehaven 2, Rise of the Evening Star, before mailing it to our 400 follower giveaway winner. When do I get time to write again?  You keep setting us back with all your reading business, including editing other people’s books. We have to give away our library of books; otherwise, when will it end?

Stomach: Right now. Let’s eat! I want some chocolate.

Brain: Who asked you, glutton? You’re making me fat.

Heart: No wonder you’ve been acting like such a fathead, brain. You know it was me that got us our beta-readers for Erth Won by offering to find the mistakes in other authors’ books we read. You thought it would take too much time, but I knew you have to give first if you want to get. Soon, those other authors will tell us what works and what doesn’t in Erth Won. Then we’ll edit for the umpteenth time and end up with a better book as a result. Then you’ll have to stop claiming we’re not ready to query.

Brain: Okay, you’re right. But time’s a wasting. No offense, stomach, but it’s also going to waist.

Stomach: Don’t blame me. I just get hungry; you’re the one controlling Mouth.

Mouth: Wait a sec. I may be brain’s slave, but I can shut you out any time. I can’t stomach your whining, ha!

Body: Have you all forgotten we need to cooperate to take a two-mile reading walk every day to keep me healthy and our bones strong? Walking is too boring without a book to read, so we shouldn’t stop either activity.

Brain: We could just as well plan our next chapter as read someone else’s book while we walk. Reading around the block gives me writer’s block!

Heart: Take heart! Take me! I’m giving my all to this cause.

Brain: Uh, which cause? You have a new one every week.

Heart: The cause of becoming a published author, of course. All the other causes are related.

Brain: Like those book reviews you posted on Goodreads? How are they related to anything besides your reading addition, pray tell?

Mouth: Ooh, ooh, I know. If you review other authors’ books, they’ll review yours too.

Heart: Well, we hope so, Mouth, but they’re not all indie author books. We’re non-discriminatory readers in that regard. And Brain, you should know that even a review is good writing practice.

Brain: Then maybe we should post them here. People should see we’ve been doing something related to writing besides editing other people’s books. 

Heart: For someone so brainy, you sure are forgetful. We have a book reviews tab at the top of our blog that goes right to our Goodreads review page. 

Brain: Mind-blogging, or boggling.

Body: Is there a unifying theme? Because we sure could use one to pull us all together.

Brain: Of all the nerve, as if my neurons aren’t directing your every move!

Heart: You’re right. But body meant a unifying reading theme. We do have one. All the book reviews are fantasy or SF books we read in the last year or so. Not even half of them are posted yet, but it’s a start.

Mouth: Can I read one? I have the best voice to sing a book’s praises.

Brain: You have the only voice, and it’s just alto, so don’t get too high and mighty or you’ll go flat.

Mouth: I’m not going to sing. I just want to say the words with expression.

Brain: I’ll back you up if you get stuck.

Heart: Go ahead. I’ll help you put some heart into it.

Mouth: Cough, cough. Urk, I’m choking. It’s that cold we got for Christmas. My throat is too sore.

Brain: This is humiliating. You’re making me look stupid.

Heart: I say better a sore throat than a sorehead, Brain. People can still check The Amulet of Samarkand  and other reviews on Goodreads before we give away the books.

Mouth: Maybe I’ll be in better voice by Friday when we talk about Noah Zarc for his blog tour. We’re giving away a copy of his book too!

Brain: That’s this Friday, as in two days from now? Oh no, I’m not ready. Brain-freeze!

Heart: Poor Brain. You’re going to have to buckle-down and do the work. Don’t worry though. You always do better under pressure.

Brain: I hope I don’t turn to mush. I hate messy blogs.

Heart: Keep it real. Nobody believes your brains will leak into cyberspace.

Brain: Says you. Noah sure came close to getting his brains splattered all over outer space!

Body: Well, his body can’t run as fast as ours. In fact, it can’t run at all, and you should remember why. That’s another reason it’s important we agree to work together, keep walking, reading, and writing, right? Not everyone is so fortunate.

Brain: Go take a hike!

Heart: Not before we invite our fabulous followers to fill out the Rafflecopter form below. I love sending boxes of books and chocolate to the winners!

Brain: Okay, okay. For that matter, we should remind them to enter this month’s books and chocolate contest through the corresponding tab above. It’s got better odds because few people see it, and tweeting daily can really increase someone’s chances.

Body: I like those odds. Can I enter too?

Brain: You already have my books and you’ve been letting mouth eat way too much chocolate.

Mouth: Well, I never!

Brain: Yes, you do. Often! Look at all this chocolate the winner can choose from–if you don’t eat it all first.

Heart: Here we go again. Can’t you cooperate long enough to put in the Rafflecopter form, please?

Brain: Body, you’ve got the fingers. Just do it.

Body: I know, I know. Do it right, and do it right now.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Brain: Oops, I forgot about Rafflecopter’s own contest. It’s still open so please post it too.

Body: For a chance at an ipad? Sure thing. We could win one too if people say they heard about it from us.

Heart: Finally, something we all agree on! Readers, please tell Rafflecopter we sent you. Thanks!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Body: Wow, that was a long walk, and now it’s time to link to Kathy of Iamareadernotawriter. We all love her book giveaway blog hops.

Brain: They’re great exercise for the mind, so put on your thinking cap and start hopping–right after you take a look at some of the books available in previous January posts!


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  1. Sorry i can’t see where the rest of the people’s posts are for the blog comment (this is the only place i could find that had place for comments).

    1. your Country (makes it easier to give instructions if you win)


    2. what book(s) you might choose if you win. I won’t hold you to it.

    no idea.

    3. if you ever heard this music before (played by this group).

    not sure.

    jennifer k

  2. I’m from Australia 🙂

    I’ll probably choose foodie books, maybe food history or science?

    kate1485 at

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    • I don’t see any overlapping on I.E, but not to worry. In case it’s your screen size that’s the problem, I’m moving to WordPress with a fully responsive theme.
      If you’re here to establish a comment precedent to leave spam links later, forget it. I won’t publish them. This post in particular seems to be a target.

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