Lionel’s Christmas Adventure Blog Tour Recap!!

PhotobucketHi there everyone, Paul R.Hewlett here to recap the fist week of my blog tour. For a list of dates click here. I thought I’d share my experiences to help anyone out there thinking of doing one, or looking to improve their next one. But first I want to remind you to make sure to enter the Gratitude Givaways Hop and thank Kathy at I Am A Reader Not A Writer for hosting this great hop. Also, today is Day 7 of my blog tour and you can read my guest post entitled, “Meet Lionel Snodgrass” at Lisa Tortorello Teacher ~ Author. Also make sure to enter award-winning author Crystal Marcos’s giveaway for a Kindle Fire (or $150 Amazon gift card) and more! Now onto my recap!

PhotobucketThis is the first blog tour that I have ever done, so it is all new territory for me. I did however, seek some advice from some successful authors and trusted friends. For a quick rundown, I have been a guest on 6 different blogs in the last 7 days. I wrote three guest posts, did one author interview, one character interview, and had one review. I’ve been busy, covered a lot of ground, and had a lot of fun. The obvious question is, “Was it worth it?” Before I answer that, let me back up and tell you what I found out from my research.

One thing that became abundantly clear is that your focus should be to reach new groups/readers you don’t normally have access to. The next thing that you want to accomplish is to hit groups in your target audience. The goal of the blog tour then should be to reach new potential reader in your target audience. Sounds simple right? I wish it were.
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Being a children’s book author made this a little more challenging in my opinion. I believe it is a bit more difficult to reach my target audience via social media than other genres, say mystery for example. A lot of reaching my target audience involves hands-on, libraries, schools, etc. I did not let that deter me.

Okay, now that I know what I want to accomplish, I’ll attempt to answer the “was it worth it?” question. First, it is impossible to answer after only a week, but so far, yes. I feel that I have accomplished my goal of reaching new groups/readers. I appeared on a variety of different blogs, reaching a large audience of potential readers. I wasn’t totally successful in hitting these groups in my target audience. Some of my stops have been on blogs that may not be my target audience. That’s okay, all in all the exposure and response has been great.

I still have many stops to make and I hope you’ll follow me on my tour. I have also learned some valuable things for the next time. I will start at least six months in advance querying bloggers. I will ask them for reviews. I will target children’/middle grade blogs, mommy blogs, bloggers that are librarians, or teachers. I am extremely pleased with my blog tour so far. I am excited for the rest. I have learned so much that I am almost looking forward to the next one.

I think the thing that has been the most rewarding has been the unbelievable support that I have received from authors, bloggers, friends, you name it. Whether it has been in the research/advice stage, or the tour stage, the support has been more than I could I have ever hoped for. Thanks everyone and you know that I am here for you all if I can ever help in any way.

Thanks for tuning in for my blog tour recap. If you’re interested you can purchase Lionel’s Christmas Adventure here (ebook or paperback). Again, a reminder to sign up for the Gratitude Giveaways Hop below. You can also sign up for my blog tour giveaway by following the linky at Got Great Giveaways and Candace’s Saturday Situations. Don’t forget to leave us a comment. It can be anything pertaining to my blog tour, what your thankful for this holiday season, or anything else you want to say.

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