Life Down the Drain? Suck it Up!

Where did January go? That’s right, down the drain. Like it does every year, the whole month went down the tubes. I came home from a family visit, got sick and stayed that way the rest of the month. In spite of New Year’s resolutions to do better, January always marks the low point of my year. If I don’t feel mentally drained, I get sick. I should just rename the month, Drain-you-weary. Some new beginning.

Don’t get me wrong. I did do something last month. Since I decided late last year to bow to the current word count requirements for middle grade novels to get published, I divided my book in two. A previous midpoint crisis became the new mission for book one, so I had to revise much of the beginning before I could write the new ending. I did. I even started the new beginning for book two before I got so sick that I spent days doing nothing. I won’t mention how many days I spent dealing with family problems, including more illness. It seems none of us got off to a good start.

Now here I am, a week into February, realizing I didn’t write for three weeks solid. So, should I give up? Beat myself up? Maybe I should do what I saw in a U-tube video and suck it up. Yeah, that sounds better. I’ll put an old nylon over my mouth, take a deep breath, and see if I can suck up some of that time I lost down the drain. Urgh. I think I just swallowed a hairball. Never mind the sucking up idea.

I think the best thing to do is remember tomorrow is a new day. No use crying over one month down the drain. With another started, I’d better concentrate on getting my toes unstuck from that drain hole and take a step away from the temptation to let life suck me down whole. No matter how bad today was, I can find at least one thing to do better tomorrow. And if I fail tomorrow, well, there’s always the next day. Because until the day I don’t wake up at all, that’s what tomorrows are for.

Whether or not you believe God put humans on this planet with the intent to help us improve, to become perfect, you have to believe we can become better. If we’re not in a position to serve others, we can graciously accept service. And later, when we can, return the favor or pass it on.

I attended Tammy Kerr’s funeral a few weeks ago. Tammy spent her last years fighting cancer while helping save our local mute swans by arranging transport to a Sanctuary in Lakeland. She was always gracious when I went over to help her edit her books, in spite of her own frustration with her physical and mental deterioration. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to help, and that I got to know a person who understood the importance of letting others serve her and gifting them with her spiritual strength in return, a strength that far exceeded her frail physical body.

“They” always say if you put a group of people in a room and let them trade problems, everyone would choose their own. I’m grateful my current illness is temporary. I’m glad I watched the movie “UP” last week, an entertaining message of how to find new meaning in life through serving others. And I’m glad tomorrow’s another day. I intend to wake “UP”. If I lose my lift along the way, well, I’ll eat some beans. If you don’t get the inference, just remember that old hippie saying. Life is a gas. Might as well laugh, whether you’re young or turning into an old fart. I won’t say like me.

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