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Angie here with a book giveaway and blog hop. The is the 2nd annual LDS Authors Hop hosted by I am a Reader, not a Writer.

This book is close to my heart because I know the Author and his family personally. The Author, Samuel T. Evans, has recently left on a mission for the LDS church and published this book through Tate Publishing just before he left. The proceeds he receives from the book sales will assist his family in funding his mission. So, buying this book will not only give you an awesome story to read, but will also help fund a GREAT cause! And I am not lying about it being an awesome story. It is an original story and the characters are great! Anyway, check it out and enter the giveway at the bottom of the post to win a free e-book!

Strike Force: Rise of the Crescent Moon

by Samuel T. Evans


“They won’t suspect you three because of your ages. And with no political connection to us, if you’re caught, you’re on your own.”

“So we’re expendable!” Matt commented dryly.
“Pretty much and since you aren’t military agents you’ll have to adapt if you want to survive.” 
“And we would want to risk getting killed why” Rex cut in questioningly.
“The military can’t afford risking a war without solid evidence for doing so. If you want a chance to prove you’re innocent, this is it!”
“Oh great, suicide!” Rex remarked, “You sure you’re on our side?”
“In my line of work it’s hard to tell,” the man replied with a hint of a smile. 
John glanced at Rex and Matt. “Well, I’m in!”
They were framed, but the military needs their help. They aren’t military agents, but they are forced to adapt in order to survive. Now proving their innocence means taking on an almost impossible task that hte military can’t do for itself without the risk of causing a war. Their mission: save America!

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Author Samuel T. Evans


Samuel Evans is from a small town in Illinois. He has always enjoyed writing, but Strike Force is his first published book. He is currently serving a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and hopes that the sales of his first book could help fund his mission. Sam loves music, good literature, his family, and he loves America. Sam says, “America is the greatest nation on earth because of freedom!” His love for country and freedom is reflected in his writing. Sam’s family keeps up his Facebook and Twitter accounts while he is serving  his mission. So feel free to follow him on twitter, or like his book on Facebook.

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  1. If I fell through a portal, I would want it to lead into an enchanted forest. Yup, that’s about as adventurous as I get. 🙂

  2. If I fell into a Portal, I’d want it to lead to NARNIA!!!!

  3. If I fell through a portal, I’d want to land in Regency England.

  4. If there was a portal hidden at the bottom of a lake, well… then I’d say it leads to another planet.

    And if a government employee claimed my work as his own, well that’d depend on the work. I’m quite passive and would accept a lot of things as a lesson for being foolish and not cautious. But honestly, with the corruption of the government, is there really anything to be done? Unless of course I was a book character… then I’d have to find a great author to write a solution for me.

  5. A land of magic, with dragons. Definitely be cool!

  6. To heaven. I am tired of the evil in this world.

  7. Put in the complaint and hopefully my reputaion of integrity would cause further investigation

  8. I’m not very creative, and would just like to go to Italy!

  9. I’d want to go to 18th century Scotland and I would probably contact a reporter to tell them my story and get justice!
    Thanks for the giveaway!

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