Kindle your Fire with a Kindle Fire or $200!

Ooh, I love giveaways. My entire remaining Robert Jordan Wheel of Time novels, including 5 paperbacks and two brand new hardbacks, is going to my 200 follower contest winner Denise Zaky.

That’s not all the good news by far. Charlotte Abel, author of the bewitching YA fantasy romance Enchantment,(check her great new cover below) won my latest Chocolate and Books Contest, which you can also enter through the tab at the top of my blog. I draw names the 11th of each month.

Charlotte was smart to keep her name in the pot for 2 months by completing multiple entries, and she left a wonderful poem as her comment on my book website. Poems are not necessary to enter the contest, but hers was sure fun to read, so I’m sharing it with you here:

I followed and tweeted and linked to your blog.
I did all the math but I’m a chocolate hog–
So my tally is suspect; unworthy of trust.
(Morality flees before chocolate lust.)

Charlotte didn’t win last month, but her extra work paid off this month in books and chocolate, her choice on both. I have a large collection of books to choose from, but I buy the chocolate fresh according to the winner’s tastes. Yes, I plan on filling the world with chocolate and books.

I love entering giveaways even more than giving them, so I want to share two related contests that I found today. Both feature a Kindle Fire or $200 Amazon Gift card prize! In honor of Charlotte’s catchy poetry and the poem that originally won me a copy Enchantment from Goodreads, I offer both contests in rhyme. These are separate contests, so you can and should enter both for the best chances.

Entering the 12 Days of Christmas Blowout, great eBooks for 99 cents I did scout, 

Noah Zark I had signed to review, knowing Blog Tour de Troops sent Excelsior too!
Exiled and Seven Point Eight caught my eye; seeing these covers, do you wonder why?
Doodling and Timepiece I too must try. Lost in space or time, it’s do well or die.
 Fezariu’s Epiphany you’ll discover; Pandora’s Succession goes undercover. 
Find powerful women in Jezebel’s Ladder and Allie in Rook; they couldn’t be badder.
If a wrong death date in Death Notice comes true, then Brilliant Prey‘s killer might come get you!
Amador Lockdown is haunting, I found, while Sundered is zombie romance bound.
There’s Pibbin, the Small, treefrog in a bog, and Marvellous Harry is not a dog. 

And this is only a very small sample. Go see for yourself, great book buys are ample!
The Blowout newsletter could win you a Kindle–or $200 Gift Card–no joke or swindle!
Besides the contest on the Blowout site, here’s another contest 12 authors did right,
I did some things for an extra entry so Christmas won’t find my stocking empty.
 You really should enter both contests too, but don’t wait until all 12 days are through!

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  1. Whoa! I like the new background!! And those are some seriously cool books. 🙂

  2. Wow! You sure know how to showcase some stunning looking books. I’ve been reading these books and the ones I’ve read are unique and amazing. Beautiful blog. Thank you, Sher!

  3. Great job, Sher. You are a wiz! Your blog is amazing. I also love your poem! Thanks and best of luck.

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