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Hey, everyone! Paul here today. I’m bringing you my review of my friend and fellow author’s children’s book, Soaring up to the Clouds, Not Knowing Jack. This is book #5 in the Before Happily Ever After Series. You can learn more about Ann and the series by visiting her website here. I have read the first four books and am a fan of all of them. This one, however…well, let’s read the Amazon blurb before we get to my review, shall we?




Valerie and Samantha’s journey begins before they even make it to Val’s farm this summer. When their families meet up at a festival, a hot air balloon ride takes them high into the clouds where surprises of Giant proportions await them. With the help of old and new friends, they return to a familiar kingdom and time to once again rescue Snow. This time from the evil queen’s second attempt at killing her.


Now let’s get to my review!

What I liked best: Kendra. I am a huge fan of Val and Sam, and they didn’t disappoint this time around, but Kendra stole the show for me. She is compassionate, caring person, and I loved watching her grow (literally at times!). The narrative point of view allowed me to get inside Kendra’s head. I really enjoyed seeing her struggle with the world as she had known it versus the world she believed might exist. Her wide-eyed curiosity was endearing. I really, really enjoyed her selfless acts and loyalty. I won’t reveal my favorite part about her because it would be a spoiler, but suffice it to say, I felt really good at the conclusion of this book.

What missed: I would have to say I felt Val and Sam took a bit of a back seat in this one. I have no complaints, but the more Val and Sam the better, in my opinion.

Overall: I loved this book, probably more than the rest. I must confess to be a huge fan of Val and Sam, and I was delighted to read about their adventures. I loved this book. It contained the usual Val and Sam behavior and excitement, but I felt it had another dimension. I truly loved the character Kendra. While I loved Val and Sam as youngsters, this book proves that the girls are just as much fun a little more grown up. The twists put on this modern day fairy tale are enjoyable and compelling. I recommend this book to readers of all ages, but I think young female readers will absolutely love this book. I am off to get the next Val and Sam adventure, and I suggest you do the same as soon as you finish Soaring up to the Clouds

Make sure an check out this book as well as Ann’s Facebook page (here) and her Amazon page (here).




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