Jack Templar Monster Hunter Book Review

Vincent Noot here with a review of Jack Templar, Monster Hunter. It’s book one is a series of middle grade fantasies written for reluctant readers by Jeff Gunhus.  
I love the beginning of the book. It starts with a “warning” that there are “bloodthirsty creatures that are ready to kill,” and that they are real. And I was actually smiling when I read, “You think I’m kidding, don’t you? I can almost see you smirking as you read this. But this isn’t a joke.” Awesome! Haha! And then it gives a second warning that starts with, “Looks like you were brave enough (or stupid enough) to ignore my first warning.” The first pages feel like a determined warrior picks up his sword in defense of a better world. Listen to some epic theme music or some “Two Steps from Hell” tracks and you’ll feel like a hero yourself.

Lots of dialogue, which makes it easy to read. The scenes go really fast, so I kept reading. It didn’t bore me out at all. The depth of the characters could have been a little better. Most times when I read about or watch movies about action and romance, I like it when there is some psychology involved, like inner struggles of the hero or the things the couple says or does and how they interpret them.

This book had some references to the main character’s relationship with Cindy, but it could have been more in my opinion. So he accidentally sees her in her underwear, but then they never talk much about it, or their hopes and dreams and differences. However, since, it’s more of adventure book, it seems like the writer didn’t want to get to caught up in some teenage romance. And the easy dialogue, the fast pace of events (in contrary to some dull endless descriptions they sometimes put in books), and the feeling of heroism make this a book a fantastic one.

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  1. That cover captures the innocence in armor. Sounds like a great adventure.

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