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Hi, it’s Sher today with the Insecure Writers Support Group., thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh. Last month I presented a story/poem about our vacation in Japan, but since then I’ve been so busy throwing cleaning up, I don’t have time to write a story. But I do have something important to share with other insecure writers: a list of problems that make me stop reading books at the start or very early on.

If you’re interested, click here to read them.

This Friday, I’ll post part 2: problems that make me stop reading farther along in a book. Although my list is focused on kid lit, most of the problems apply to any genre and age group. And yes, I’ve read books I liked right up to the ending and then hated them, so it’s never too late to alienate an audience. Likewise, it’s never too early to cultivate a positive long term relationship with readers. How, you ask? With that goal in mind, I listed solutions to every problem. Just remember you’ll have to come back Friday for part 2.

Sorry I won’t be around on IWSG day … again. It’s not intentional. At least this time I’m at the doctor for a pre-op to expand my stomach opening, which means soon I’ll be able to eat without throwing up.  Even though it’s not a writing insecurity, I’m very insecure about eating. Food is worse coming up, not to mention messy, and being afraid to eat has been messing with my mind. It’s been over 3 months since surgery to fix my hiatal hernia made eating a nightmare, and I’m SO ready to pig-out on something delicious with no worries about upchucking! Woo-hoo!

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Sher again. So how are things with you? Insecurities? Triumphs? Do tell!
















Bottom line, don’t give up on your dreams no matter what obstacles you face. So what’s your insecurity or success?
























Now what’s your insecurity?  Or how have you solved one?

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  1. I can imagine that eating while wondering if the food is coming back up later would be a real downer. Sounds like a very effective diet plan. Good luck with the procedure.

    Looking forward to part 2 of your list.

  2. I hope they fix your stomach problem soon. I hate throwing up. I’ve had the roto virus twice and for weeks after, I couldn’t eat without getting sick.

    I can’t wait to read what stops you reading. (That’s a strange sentence!)

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