IWSG: To work or to lurk?

Hi, it’s Sher today with the Insecure Writers Support Group.  brainchild of Alex J. Cavanaugh. Sorry I’m late. It’s a matter of time and energy, both of which I’m lacking.


Our co-hosts for November are:

The co-hosts for November are:

Tyrean Martinson  http://tyreanswritingspot.blogspot.com/

Karen Walker  http://karenfollowingthewhispers.blogspot.com/

Denise Covey  http://dencovey.blogspot.com/  

Stephen Tremp   http://authorstephentremp.blogspot.com/

For those who know I spent 6 months throwing up this year, you might understand why I’m behind. My biggest insecurity is whether I’ll ever catch up on chores, let alone writing. Physically, I’m much better–at least no nausea for the last week–but I don’t have the stamina I once did. If I continue to try to do everything, I will fail.

I can’t even stay up late anymore. So my fear of failure isn’t likely to subside unless I let some things go. “Let it go.”  Like the song says. That probably includes IWSG. I haven’t been making the rounds like I should. My eyes are stinging just trying to finish this post.

I’m giving it one more month before I decide, but I suspect I’ll go back to lurking like I did a full year before joining. Then I can get a little inspiration each month but won’t feel guilty for not visiting or commenting on 12 other blogs.

If the mood hits, I’ll spend some time writing instead. Mom wants me to. She keeps asking for more stories about Frankie, the chicken I sewed up after a hawk attack, and that’s important to me. Frankie is now a mom herself, and she does her best to encourage her chicks just like Mom does for me.

That’s it. I am recovering physically from a serious health scare. That’s a real triumph, but it’s slow going. My mental recovery is slow too. I’m insecure about doing extra activities even if they’re meant to support writing. For the record, I’ve enjoyed every minute of IWSG even when I couldn’t decide what to write about. It’s a great organization with a great leader. I’m just not sure I have the energy to continue.

Now you’ve heard mine, what’s your insecurity? Better yet, what’s your latest triumph? I sure can use the inspiration.

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  1. Just pace yourself. Get someone else to do chores.
    Glad you’re sticking with the IWSG one more month. This might be the one writing connection that keeps you going.

  2. Seems like I lost the ability to stay up late a year or two ago. I have all these plans for writing after everyone else has gone to bed, but when I watch my family get ready for bed, I start getting tired. Very frustrating.

    I went through a bout of something about 20 years ago where I was fatigued all the time. Couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. Couldn’t stay up much past dinner. Had to pause and catch my breath after one flight of stairs. The doctor thought it might have been stress related, but he really didn’t know.

    I slowly got better, but it was a long process. A month would roll by and I’d think I was finally okay, but then another month would go by and I would realize that I was even better. Basically, I’d forgotten how good I used to feel when I was well. Eventually I got back to my old self, but it was a long process and I learned a lot about myself during the journey.

    Just keep pushing a little bit more each day and you’ll eventually get there.

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