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It’s been a long time since I read a whole book, let alone finished writing a whole story, another reason to post for IWSG. Nice that I don’t have to think up a subject anymore because there’s a question to answer somebody already thought up.

Oh, wait. Almost forgot the drill: give credit where a whole lot of credit and work are due

Co-Hosts for October:
Beverly Stowe McClure
Megan Morgan
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Angela Wooldridge
Susan Gourley

Now back to the question we’re supposed to answer.

October 5th Question: When do you know your story is ready?

Answer: When you upload to Amazon or send the final copy to your publisher.

That’s a copout, but you can’t beat the finality of hitting a submit button. If not for those, I would edit forever.

For my mom’s picture book, I knew the text was ready when none of the test readers tripped over the rhythm. Easy peasy, but it took just about forever to get enough people from different regions to read it and find out which words were spoken with accents on different syllables and therefore had to be replaced. Did you know some people say “crayons” more like “crains?” Yup, two syllables vs. one.

Knowing the book is ready is another story because picture books require illustrations, and then placing the text on the pictures. Not happening soon. I’m still recovering from the bad surgery, still catching up on chores, selling chickens, and hatching turkeys. I don’t sit down much except when I ride in the car or a plane. Big opportunity, except I’m usually too tired to stay awake.

In fact, I feel triumphant that I read a quarter of a book on the way back from Seattle on Monday. It was a middle grade titled Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul. It was pretty good so far even if the author wrote all her opening apostrophes backwards like single quote marks, curved the wrong direction. I just can’t turn off my editor’s eye, so I make notes and tell the authors about the worst mistakes. Maybe that’s partly why it takes me so long to read.

I have a much longer list of review requests I’d like help with if anyone’s up for the challenge. Some of these books have been waiting for 2 years. You don’t have to choose a long YA or MG. Even a short picture book needs reviews.

Want to help? Just click Review Queue or the tab above. Please let me know if you write a review so I can remove the book from the queue. Thanks!




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