IWSG: How long will it be?

Dear insecure writers, whoever you are,
I hope you find comfort and take your craft far.
I don’t have advice for the way to success,
but ask me a question and I’ll try to guess.

I’ve watched from the sidelines as others flew past,
and often I’m sure I’ll come in at dead last.
I cheer and I wave as the winners go on,
yet I’ll keep on trudging until the day’s gone.


You might guess I’m in rhyming mode. I’ve been in Seattle the last week getting my mom to help reword her poem about my brother and the Loch Ness Monster. The original had some meter problems and some repetition, but I think the problems are mostly ironed out now. We’ve received all the illustrations from Vicky Bowes, an excellent artist we found online.

Just take a look at this sample she sent. My brother and I were hooked!


No way was I going to post this on Blogger. In case you missed it before, here’s the link to a blog post that gave me an urgent need to move:

A Royal Daughter: Blogger vs WordPress Content Ownership

That’s why I wanted a WordPress blog where nobody can repost my content without my permission. Take note though, some websites won’t let you request a sample, and I don’t think an artist’s portfolio is adequate for most projects. However, Vicky took the initiative, and I would hire her again in a heartbeat. I’ll probably write a full post about choosing an illustrator later if anyone is interested.

That’s almost it for me today.

I’m in the sky to fly away.

 Or is it home I’m going to?

Who can tell? I’m in the blue.


Many thanks to Alex J. Cavanaugh, founder of the IWSG site. You can sign up here.

Co-hosts for July 2:

Krista McLaughlin

Kim Van Sickler

Heather Gardner

Hart Johnson

Alex says, “We are also trying to get the IWSG on the Writers Digest Best 101 Websites list! Please email them at writersdigest@fwmedia.com, subject line 101 Websites, and suggest the IWSG – http://www.insecurewriterssupportgroup.com/.”

Once again I apologize for not being where I can reply on the day of posting. Like last month, I’ll get around to see as many of you as I can later, and I’ll certainly return visits within a few days.  Until then, thanks for visiting!



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  1. Okay, the link got me over here just fine. The illustration is nice. How did you find Vicky online? I’ll have to find an illustrator myself one day.

  2. So that is why you want a WordPress blog! Great illustration. I just found myself an illustrator for my book too: Michael di Gesu. Isn’t it fun? How wonderful you are helping your mom out with her book. Guess writing runs in the family.

  3. I love it! I love the Loch Ness Monster and stories about it. Your monster looks exactly as I expect Nessie to look. Love your art style 🙂

    • Thanks! I hope your monsters cooperate in that chapter you need to write. But if not, maybe you should have a family or friends “tell the story” meeting to help you get moving.

  4. How exciting! I love anything to do with the Nessie. He gets a mention in my book Free Runner:) That’s really special your mom wrote you guys a poem!

    • Thanks! Mom wrote the poem for my little brother, who is now way bigger than me. I thought it deserved to be published. Cool that Nessie got a mention in your book.

  5. That is an incredible illustration! You did a wonderful job! I wish I had your talent, but my drawings always turn out looking like blobs. Thanks for sharing it!

  6. It’s cute.
    Did you want me to change the link on the IWSG list to this address? Send me an email and let me know! Then you’ll be all set for next month.

  7. I was an aspiring writer in university (I actually completed a 400+ page story based upon true events) but here it sits 44 years later…good on you girl

    • It’s great that you ever wrote something and finished it. That puts you way ahead of most writers. Why not dust it off and get some beta readers to tell you whether it’s ready as far as story structure? If not, you’re ready to take it through a critique group. If it is, you’re ready for an editor. You can find beta readers through Goodreads or World Literary Cafe. Keep me posted!

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