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Hi, all, it’s Sher today with my monthly Insecure Writer’s Support Group post. Many thanks to Alex J. Cavenaugh for starting this group and tradition. It took me a long time to admit in public that I’m insecure in my writing abilities. Now it’s not so much my abilities in doubt as knowing my priorities have changed to the point where I’m not sure I can claim I’m still a writer.

In the months since I started editing, I’ve written for others much more than myself. Every time I come home from my SCBWI critique group, I’m really jazzed to finish my book. Then I open somebody else’s book to edit, and my enthusiasm for mine goes away. Since I don’t feel the urge to write my own book like I used to, I guess I’m moving on in more ways than one.

Now we’ve gotten an offer on our house, which we put on the market because the kids are all grown and living elsewhere. Until the packing and moving are all finished, that might be it for both writing and editing. I’m slow as molasses when it comes to unpacking and decorating. If we move in October, it might be next year before I’m settled. But then I hope I’ll have more free time than now. Less yard for hubby to maintain and less house to clean for both of us. I don’t do well in that department.

The question is, will I want to write my own book again, or will I still be happier editing? I think I’ll make a bigger contribution to helping kids learn to love reading by helping other writers create awesome stories than by writing my own books. Sometimes I wonder though. Maybe I choose editing because of the money. It’s not much, but it’s a lot more than the near-nothing (way less than little) I’ve made writing. If there’s enough time for both pursuits, I won’t have to choose. Then moving on will be more like coming home. It’s probably a dream, but still…wouldn’t that be great?

Are you moving on in one way or another? If so, how?
Edit: Since Ken told me I was off the list, and Alex said it was probably an accident, I joined again. Once more at the bottom of the pile. A little depressing, but that won’t last. I’m too stubborn to stay down. I won’t ever reach the top, but I’ll keep climbing until I fall off again.

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  1. I’m betting that you’ll want to write again. You have a story that you’ve longed to tell, and the simple fact that you get jazzed up after meeting with your critique group only reinforces that fact.

    Editing is seductive because it’s easier. You don’t have to use the creative part of your brain as much when you edit as you would when writing your own story. Besides, when you edit, you see the story in a nearly completed state, which is always easier to face than a partially complete one.

    So yeah, I’m betting you’ll want to keep writing.

    BTW, I don’t think you’re on Alex’x IWSG list anymore. You’ll need to send him a note to put yourself back on.

    • Thanks, Ken. Maybe he read this post and took me off. Just one more insecurity to add to the list. But I commented on Alex’s blog that I do write some. And without editing, by now the flak I used to get for blogging and writing might have made me quit writing entirely. Since I explained to hubby the relationship between my reading, writing, critiquing, and the paying editing jobs, he mostly stopped bugging me–until he decided it was time to move. I have shingles in my mouth from the stress, so I really want to get the move over with and be able to relax again.

  2. If you have a story to tell, you should tell it.

    That’s great that you can bring in income as an editor. Perhaps reading others’ work can also give you inspiration on how you can grow as a writer.

    Good luck with the moving!

    • Thanks, Cynthia. I do get inspired by reading others’ work, mainly for style and pacing of books I like. I need good luck with the moving. The offer came in very low. We’ll see what happens after we counter.

  3. Only time will tell whether you want to continue writing or editing. When you get there, you’ll know.
    I’m probably at the end of my writing journey as well. It doesn’t pay, but what I can do here for my blogger buddies and the IWSG matter more.

    • Well, Alex, maybe you should join me in sending error lists to the authors of books you read. I figured most are too broke to hire an editor, and the lists are free. It’s my way of improving the reputation of indie authors. In general, the authors are very grateful for the help. I never expected my corrections to end up as editing for pay requests, but you never know where a good deed will lead.

      Thanks for all you do for writers!

  4. Oh boy, do I know where you’re coming from, Sher. You and me need to have a cup of tea and put our feet up. Strange, eh, how parallel our lives are. Let’s keep in touch. Hope your house sells.

    One day at a time. Or maybe one tiny step at a time?

    • You’re so right, but make mine hot chocolate! Well, maybe when it gets cooler, not 80 degrees plus.

      Definitely one tiny step. We’re still negotiating on the house.

      Thanks for stopping by and commisserating!

  5. Congrats on selling your house! It will be more work in the near future- but less work in the long run. I am sure it will be nice to have less house and yard work to do. I think if editing is calling to you more at the moment- then that is a great path to take (money and helping kids foster a love of reading). Once you are settled in to your new place and you have more time you may hear the pages of your book calling back to you. 🙂 Best of luck!

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