Here’s a tag, there’s a tag. Everywhere’s a Campaign Tag.

I got tagged twice in Rachael Harrie’s Platform Building Campaign, so I was going to combine lists. Then I got into answering the questions and decided to do them all. I may be shy in person but I’m never short of words in writing. Besides, tag is fun. Remember the real game?
Here’s Kate’s list. You can find her at The Scribbling Sea Serpent.
1. How old were you when you started writing?
Almost half a century. Late bloomer for writing, but not reading.
2. What’s your favourite movie/book?
Lord of the Rings hooked me on reading at age 9. The movies were Won-derful Things to Bind Us All.
3. If you were the main character of a book, what genre would it be?
SF. I wanted to be an astronaut. Slots opened to women a couple years after I got out of the AF.
4. What genre do you write in?  
SF and fantasy for teens, mixed with poetry and puns.  Weird mix, huh? You can read about my first middle grade fantasy, Earth Won, through the tab at the top of my blog. You can also read the prolog in my last post which I wrote for the first campaign challenge.
5. If you could have a superpower, what would it be and why?
Splitting myself in two so one of me could write full-time.
6. What do you like to read?
Same as I write, SF and fantasy, especially humorous. Think Terry Pratchett’s Discworld, Douglas Adams Hitchhiker’s series, and Piers Anthony’s early Xanth books. I also enjoyed most of the indie author books I reviewed last year. Some even had romance, which bores me unless it’s mixed with SF or fantasy with a good dose of adventure, mystery, etc.
7. What is something unusual that you’ve done?
Climbed the highest pyramid in Mexico after I found out I had 80-year-old bones when I was only 35.
8. How do you get names for your characters?
Baby name lists (via the name meanings)
9. List the top three websites you use.
1.Google & variants like gmail
2. twitter: It’s a real stretch for a shy person but I love its search and cross-promo capabilities.
3.  It also has synonymns, antonymns, about every word finding tool you could want.

10. Besides reading and writing, name two other hobbies you have.
Singing. I’m an alto who loves harmony, not a soloist. I’m choir director at church but would rather just sing.
Gardening is my lost love. If my back hadn’t gotten too bad, I would never have started writing.
11. Where in the world would you like to go?
I’d love to go to England and Scotland, where most of my ancestors came from.
Now for Siv Maria’s list. You can find her at Been There, Done That.

1. Do you use Word Verification and why? (Better check first)
I had to check first. It turned out Word Verification means those captchas I hate so much I got rid of them long ago. I’ve never had a spam post get through Blogger. Even if the email notice comes through, the post is gone before I see it. It takes me two or three times to get a captcha right if I’m on the computer. If I’m using a phone, forget it. Please, get rid of your captchas!

2. When visiting a Blog what bothers you most about the format?
tiny font. Old eyes need help, even with reading glasses. Yet I still forget to make my font bigger when I post. 

3. Do you have your email address listed on your profile, if not, why?

4. How often do you post?
About twice a week. No real schedule though.

5. Are you on Facebook or Google plus?
Yes, both widgets are on my sidebar.
6. How often do you check your stats?
Once a week? I don’t keep stats on how often I check my stats, LOL.

7. What influences what you right about?
My core beliefs. I think Earth is one tiny world among many of God’s creations. I have “The Faith of a Scientist”, to quote a book title, and I think we should follow Christ’s example in our writing as well as our lives.

8. What is the most important thing that happened to you last year?
Having a 7th grade class critique my middle grade book.

9.If you could go anywhere, where would you go?
Heaven, but not yet.

10. If you could talk to a dead person about writing, who would that be?
Mormon. I’d like to know which stories he didn’t include from among all the ancient American scrolls and plates he abridged into The Book of Mormon, another testament of Jesus Christ. If you’re curious, you can get one free, here.

11. What one thing in the grocery store do you always want to buy? 
Chocolate, dark, with nuts and/or fruit. That’s why I have a monthly books and chocolate contest. Go ahead, enter. The form is in my last post with my challenge poem.

That’s all! Taggees may mix and match to answer 11 total questions or more, if you desire. Now for the tagging. There should be more, but too many campaigners have already been tagged and I want to leave some for the next group. You’re it!

I’d love it if you take the time to read my campaign challenge entry in my last post. I made a prolog to my middle grade book and I’m dying to find out if it makes you want to read Earth Won. Thanks!

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  1. *Hi Sher! Thanks for visiting my blog and tagging me. I loved your Challenge entry, BTW, and commented separately on that! You have a very fun blog site!

  2. I been tagged twice now…guess I’ll combine and post them tomorrow.

  3. Hi Sher,
    I went ahead and posted my responses today. Like you, I also like chocolate. But I try to avoid picking it up too frequently because it’s hard to have all that temptation lying around.

  4. Splitting yourself into two people is an interesting answer. I would choose to fly. It sounds almost mundane but I’ve always wanted to fly around on my own.

  5. You’re welcome and thanks, Dawn!

    Rek, I hope you have better luck combining than I did. Hmm, self-discipline might be a better word.

    Cynthia, that’s why I try to give all my chocolate away in contests!

    And Mike, not mundane at all. I SO want to fly far enough into space that I could see Earth the way it looks on my blog.
    I bet you dream of flying too. Maybe your book will! Mine is stuck at ground zero. Rewriting into 1st person is like a huge explosion. At least my words are flying everywhere.

    Thank you all for stopping by!

  6. Cool answers to both sets of questions. I think everyone now is writing/reading more than one genre. I know I don’t like limiting my options.


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