Free chocolate or $10 gift certificate! Brown-nosing Contest Still Open.

I couldn’t decide at first whether to jump for joy or reign in my excitement when another writer, Dierdre Eden-Coppel, sent me her “Fantastic fantasy writer” blog award. My inner voice tells me my blogs aren’t that good, although I always try to add some wordplay fun. So with a skeptical attitude I checked out her blog at Now I’m a convert.

I was pleasantly surprised to find a professional writer illustrator who’s farther along the road to publishing than I am, and with a much more developed platform. She does agent and author interviews, always in demand for writers. And she really does give out attractive awards she designed to people whose blogs she enjoys, different awards for different types of blogs. Even if she does all this to publicize her own illustration talents, which are pretty impressive, it’s a mutually beneficial arrangement and very clever marketing. I could learn a thing or three, maybe a few hundred things, from Dierdra.

She even has a waiting list, in the thousands, of people signed up to read her books when they come out. She’s got more followers by sweet enticement than I’ve eaten chocolates this month. That’s a lot. Excuse me while I wipe my chin. It’s August in Florida, and even those candy coated chocolate pieces melt on my mouth, not my hands. Go figure, or eat chocolate.

Yes, I’m brown-nosing here, but let’s redefine that term to mean smelling chocolate so close up as to earn the mark of fine chocolate connoisseur. This type of brown-nosing is what every author must do to attract readers. To tempt the finicky ones, maybe my book should come with a chocolate cover instead of a chocolate moose and gummy bears inside. Brown-nosing aside, I need to heat up my platform to the melting point of chocolate until the whole world shares it.

Since my blog advertises “Care for a cause and have pun doing it”, you might as well make winning my first blog contest your cause. With visions of chocolate melting in the mail, I’ve added another prize offering. Now I’m giving one free $10 box of chocolates (US shipping only) or a $10 gift card (wherever shipping costs under $5), winner’s choice on both, by random drawing. The first contest closes at midnight US Central time September 10, 2011, so I can hold the drawing on September 11, a day I can’t forget. Comments after 9/10 will automatically be entered in the next contest.

Here’s what to do, one entry point each:

1. Like my author page on facebook: Sher A. Hart

2. Like my website: www. You only need to click the like button on one of the pages.

3. Follow this blog:

4. Share this blog on either facebook or twitter or both (tell me your id).

5. Optional: Link to this blog from your blog or my website from your website (tell me the URL). If you’re another writer who gives writing help and want your author website link included on the “Read and Write Right” page of my website, email me your info using the “Contact and Interact” page of

6. Leave a brown-nosing comment on this blog with which things you did, your point total and email address so I can email you if you win.

Disclaimer: This writer takes no responsibility for the use of prize chocolate. Chocolate consumption should be done in moderation. Eat responsibly and do not drive while under the influence of chocolate. This message paid for by the choco-lick book advertising council.

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  1. I’d give up chocolate, but I’m not a quitter!

    Loved the sarcastic wit you’ve shown. Reminds me of a friend of mine. I tried to follow your blog, but your little follower widget isn’t up, just the one where you can get your emails. I get enough emails, sorry. But if you want a list of followers you need to go and modify your blog and get that followers widget up. I’ll check back.

  2. Okay. Already a follower. Liked your page. No idea how to get people to sign up that they’ll read your book. Liked your webpage. I love chocolate, the darker the better. 😉

  3. Hi Sher
    Thanks for stopping by my blog. So pleased I returned the favour as I have:
    – liked your author page
    – tweeted you
    – shared link on FB
    – followed this blog
    AND – liked your website

    Phew – guess that makes me a chocoholic brown-noser!! Dark for me too 🙂

    Look forward to Campaigning with you.

  4. Okay i have to say that old Claire there is outdoing me, but I did like facebook and I hit follow and I wrote you another comment on another post and I’m enjoying your blog and mostly I really, really like chocolate!

  5. Okay, I’m going to sulk if I win and I can’t get that chocolate. Will get back to you when I’ve done my round of things on your list.

  6. Never let it be said I passed up a chance for free chocolate. I tweeted you, followed your blog, your twitter, your facebook page, all the other places it let me follow. That would be 4 or 5 points depending on how you count. I prefer to count by twos so that would be 8 or 10 points for me. 🙂

  7. Liked you on facebook, following your blog, liked your site. I’ll do the rest later. YAY procrastination! Can I have some chocolate now?

  8. Did all the steps, have you on my blogroll for the campaign – does that count? 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog! 🙂

  9. Thanks for dropping by my blog. Been out of contact, ie. NO INTERNET of COMPUTER, so I couldn’t get back with you sooner. Of course I will follower your blog…you are as crazy as I am.
    Well got to run, back to the hospital…this time for him not me.
    Oh and by the way I really believe the hospital is run by vampires. I mean just how many blood test do you actually need????

    Pamela Jo

  10. LOVE CHOCOLATE am a follower :)GRR I don’t know why my comments won’t get accepted on some blogs unless I do it anonymous “) Jane still here.

  11. If you’re here on 9/11 or later, I’m starting a new contest. Go ahead and comment and I’ll put you in the new batch!

  12. Jane reported that she couldn’t comment, and she tried more than once. Please email me at sherahart(at)gmail(dot)com if you can’t comment here. As long as I know how many points you earned, it’s all good. You’ll be in the next batch of entries!

  13. Congrats Super Happy Jen! You won the first contest. I sent a message via facebook since nobody remembered to include their email address.

  14. Hi Sher,

    I liked your Facebook page, liked your website, and now follow your blog. If I win, I like milk chocolate, preferably with nuts. LOL! Thanks for the giveaway! medievalmaid AT gmail DOT com

  15. Just followed you on google friends connect and I’m off to tweet about it. Nice blog!

  16. I followed and tweeted and linked to your blog.
    I did all the math but I’m a chocolate hog–
    So my tally is suspect; unworthy of trust.
    (Morality flees before chocolate lust.)

    7 points if I counted correctly. 😉

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