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Hi there everyone. Paul here today. It’s finals week for me, and graduation is this Saturday! I am excited to finally be graduating from college, as well as having a bit of time to myself. I am graduating from Eastern Illinois University, which ironically, is where I began my undergraduate journey 25 years ago. Okay, enough about me. I’m very excited to share some free dates for my friend and fellow author’s book A Ripple in Time by Julia Hughes. This is a Celtic Cousins’ Adventure, and if you haven’t met Rhyllann and Wren then you have been missing out! Julia has been kind enough to make A Ripple in Time *FREE* beginning today (4 May) through Friday (8 May). Download your copy now and get started on your adventure with Ryllann and Wren; you won’t be sorry!


 photo 764919848_zps0c0a7a40.jpgIn A Ripple In Time Rhyllann and Wren head back in time to a world where World War I never ended. Women do not have equal rights, and war still rages. It is indeed undesirable and frightening. 

Now let’s take a look at what the Amazon blurb is for A Ripple In Time: World War One rages, Britain has an empire and these days, the military is in charge. Welcome to the 21st Century.

Blame Celtic Cousin Wren. He made an uncanny connection with Carina, a young woman emigrating to America one hundred years ago, and so averted the Titanic tragedy. This single ripple in time has sparked a fire domino effect – an inferno that now threatens to incarcerate Europe.

Determined to restore our world’s timeline, Wren tracks down Carrie, Carina’s great-granddaughter, and they join forces for this seemingly impossible task.

But then Wren makes a fatal mistake: he falls in love with Carrie. If the Titanic suffers her original fate, Carrie will cease to exist.

Turning back time is tricky. Sacrificing the woman you love – even to save the world – impossible. 



“A Ripple in Time” is a time travel romantic adventure. Protagonist Wren Prenderson was nominated for “Best Hero” in the E-Festival of Words 2013 Awards Hall, and voted by readers into joint second place. It is available from all virtual bookstores, including: Nook Books, Amazon, WH Smith and Smashwords.

I am adding my review of Julia Hughes’s YA book A Ripple In Time that I wrote after purchasing the book.

What I liked best: As always, the Celtic Cousins! I love Rhyllann and Wren. These two are great. It was especially interesting to see them in the dystopian setting: a world where World War I never ended. I also really, really enjoyed the addition of Carrie to the cast. 

What missed a bit: The only miss for me was that I felt like Wren was a bit absent from the story for periods of time. I understand this is due to the story line and events, but I so enjoy him that it missed just a bit for me.

Overall: Very good! I love the Celtic Cousins and was very pleased with this book. I love the setting and Ms. Hughes does a wonderful job of making us feel like we are there. The Titanic aspect was particularly fun too. Everyone loves things involving the Titanic. If you haven’t yet met the Celtic Cousins, I suggest you do. Be sure to pick up A Raucous Time as well.

Now click here to download your *FREE* copy of  A Ripple in Time. Author Julia Hughes has been kind enough to make A Ripple In Time to a *FREE* today through 8 May. You don’t want to miss out, so download it today!


Paul R. Hewlett

Paul R. Hewlett

Paul R. Hewlett is the author of the Lionel's Grand Adventure Series, beginning chapter books for children. He is also the co-author of the kidlit blog Sher A. Hart: Written Art. His debut book, Lionel and the Golden Rule, was released in December of 2011. He released his second book, Lionel's Christmas Adventure, in November of 2012. You can learn more about Paul and his books at his website:

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