Contest entrants, please match your comment to picture and country!

This morning I’m finding problem after problem verifying followers and matching names to countries for separate US and international drawings for my Counting Book Blessings Contest, part of the Gratitude Giveaways Blog Hop just ended.

If you’re a follower who entered my contest, please check to make sure the name that comes up when you hover a mouse under your picture matches the name on your comment. I already found one follower whose comment name doesn’t match her picture, so I had to email her and wait for a response to figure out that she was indeed a follower.

A lot of followers’ pictures show up on my sidebar but my blog doesn’t show up in your follower list, 3 out of the first 10 comments I’ve checked so far. So everyone please check the list of followed blogs under your profile and also check your reading pane to see if my blog shows in both places. If it doesn’t, try unfollowing and refollowing. If that doesn’t fix the problem, please report the problem to Blogger or let me know.

While you’re here, check to make sure you told me your country. If not, please comment here or email sherahart at gmail dot com, so I know which pot to put your name in. I intended to have all names put in the right pot by this afternoon. I will wait until 9pm central US standard time before putting all unlabeled entries in the international pot, meaning not eligible for the box or large envelope of books. I have a trip coming up, so I need time to coordinate choosing book prizes for both those winners before I leave. I also need time to get and send out winners addresses for the featured author books to be mailed and/or emailed.

While I’m at it, here’s a series that would fit in the medium priority box, but not with a hardback added. *edit* The Xanth series is gone, chosen by first place winner Michele Luker. Congrats, Michele!

And here’s one series of guy books I have. I’ll add others later. I need to get this posted now.

Okay, ading more more guy book pictures, for the young and old. Not that a female wouldn’t enjoy these, just that they’re male POV.  Both ends of the top picture are graphic novels (comic book style).

I read both hardbacks pictured above. The others I can’t vouch for, but Florida Heat Wave is Crime Fiction, a short story collection. I didn’t read the series below either. I stopped reading books for adults when I started writing for teens. I just can’t find enough time to read for both age groups.

I loaned out the first 4 of the Wheel of Time series and they never came back. But the winner could take both hardbacks (brand new) and all the remaining paperbacks with room for one more paperback in the medium priority box. These books are thick.

To finish, here’s a YA series from a female point of view. I hesitated reading because I don’t like dark fantasies that champion black magic. This one didn’t and kept me entertained for miles. I’d win if there were such as thing as a marathon for book walkers. Maybe not. I get shin splints.

I have tons of books, so once again, if you win and you’re looking for a particular book or many in the fantasy/SF genre, middle grade through adult, please ask. Once I know your tastes, I’m sure I can find something that will make you happy.

I forgot to note that anyone who didn’t win this contest can enter my books and chocolate contest through the tab at the top of my blog. If you’re already a follower, all it takes is one tweet or other social media share to enter this month’s contest with a drawing on Dec. 11. You’re only competing against those who entered since the last drawing, and you can enter again next month if you don’t win this time. Very few people take the time to enter, so odds are great. One tweet, FB or Google+ a month. Take a shot. You’re bound to win sometime!

That’s all for now. I am very grateful for all my followers, old and new. Thank you all for sharing my heart, Sher A Hart.

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  1. Oooh…nice books. Although I wasn’t expecting L.Ron Hubbard but one can seldom get far from scientology and not talk about books.

  2. Sometimes the icons don’t match the image with the comments. I didn’t enter, so don’t worry about matching up mine! You had a great assortment of books though.

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