Clear Your Shelf Giveaway Hop

Welcome to Readaholics Anonymous. NOT. A world without books would be a world without fun. My old fun can be your new fun. But first, lest I forget, I want to thank Iamareader and Bookhounds for this chance to clear my shelves. 

Giveaway Hop

Giveaway Hop

     I must have been crazy to try moving and remodeling my house and blog at the same time. Please bear with the mess. My sidebar keeps disappearing, but I guess it doesn’t matter as much as it used to. This theme is responsive, meaning its format changes on different devices. Phones aren’t wide enough to show sidebars anyway. That’s why I added email subscription forms at the top and bottom. You’re going to need to subscribe by email for future book giveaways where I offer a whole box. And I’ll also have some milestone giveaways open only to email subscribers.

     Don’t run away screaming. I used to hate subscribing by email too. Seems like I get a bazillion a day. But now I use gmail, and they have 3 separate tabs for main, social, and promotional emails. So I don’t get distracted from business because I don’t click the other two tabs until business is done. Easy peasy.

     You can win a box of used SF/Fantasy books (some MG/YA) from my personal collection, however many I can fit in a medium priority box! (Note: I now ship via media mail because I can squeeze in a couple more books.) Below is one box of many from which you can choose books, mainly to show the varying thickness of trade size paperbacks pictured farther down on this page. The Wheel of Time series is gone, but some very thick Goodkind books are still available.


     I have about 10 boxes like this, and I used to have pictures, but when we moved I gave away some and bought others, and now not many are the same. So use the pictures to get a general idea of the type of books, not the specific books. If I still happen to have one you want from the pictures, great! Just don’t expect that. Keep in mind that hardbacks and oversize paperbacks take more space than trade paperbacks. Limit one hardback, but otherwise, mix and match to your heart’s content. 

     Pay attention to the captions under each picture so you’ll know which books are gone. Although I replaced a few, in most cases they’re other books by the same authors, and I have a bunch of new authors not pictured.


Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow and Masquerade are both gone.
Catch as Cat Can is gone, but I have a couple of others not pictured.
Most of these are gone but I do have a few.
Remember, hardbacks take a lot more space.
And here are a few upper alphabet author books.

Please ask for other upper alphabet authors. I have many, including a large full box of Andre Norton and half a box of Anne McCaffrey. 

Are you ready? 

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Disclaimer: This writer takes no responsibility for the use of prize books. Reading should be done in moderation. Read responsibly and do not drive while under the influence of SF or fantasy. This message not paid for by the Readaholic Council.

  Last but not least, check out all the other cool giveaways on this site. Enjoy!
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  1. Terry Brooks Magic Kingdom For Sale was probably the first real fantasy book I read in middle school. I’d love to have his books! Thanks for being part of the giveaway.

  2. I read the Shannara series first, them moved on to the Magic Kingdom series. Shannara was the first book that helped satisfy my Lord of the Rings cravings.

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