Chocolate Winner to Pay it Forward!

Ah yes, the chocolate follower contest. I didn’t forget about it, I just went on the road. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t see the comment entries on my phone (so I could pick a winner) until I got back home and found out blogger comments for that page and all the other pages besides my main page are missing, period. Multiple tries to “allow comments” wouldn’t make the vanished entries reappear. So I searched through all the comments for every post since the last contest ended.

Whew! I found you all, counted the entry points, made all those little papers and tossed them into a Boy Scout Hot Chocolate cup. Hubby did the drawing honors and —– drumroll—-cymbals——horns——-and last but not least, kazoos!

Congratulations Abby of “Something to Write About!”

Now get on over to her blog and congratulate her. Then remind her she has 3 days to claim her chocolate or — I’ll eat it myself? No, I’ll save it. I have plenty. Enough to OD the world on chocolate. If you look at the picture, you’ll see it’s a small world after all, snicker. Or should that be Snickers?

So my next chocolate contest is now open until next month. Deadline midnight CST, Nov. 10. Since the blogger comment form is still missing, I linked a comment form to my website blog, where they’re safe from blogger bugs. Weebly websites are free, easy, and never make anything disappear that I don’t want to disappear. Click here to enter, or click on the chocolate contest tab at the blog top.

Which brings me to my next topic: Paying it forward.

Robyn Campbell of Putting Pen to Paper is the awesome blogger and great supporter who chose me for this blogfest started by fellow Platform Building Campaigners Matthew MacNish (The Quintessential Questionable Query Experiment and Alex J Cavanaugh.  I suspected something awry when the linky list didn’t show on Robyn’s blog, so I checked both Matthew’s and Alex’s blogs. Sure enough, the linky list says it’s now closed. Yep, closed, even though it just opened on Friday. I wouldn’t want to imply Mr. Linky is a tool. Let’s assume he overloaded, poor thing.

I still think you need to check the blogs of the 3 people I chose to pay it forward:

1. David Powers King, because he’s giving away 4 cool SF books for his 400 follower celebration.

2. Abby Fowers, because her blog really is “bits of awesome”, with core problem analysis for your WIP, plus a peek into the mind of a teenage reader. I hadn’t visited awhile due to traveling, but after she won my chocolate contest and I went there to notify her, I saw that she also had a real life tragedy and a great post about how such things relate to our stories. She’s coping well, but still, I’m sure she’ll appreciate your support.

3. Karen DeBlieck, because she was brave enough to exchange critiques with me amid Thanksgiving and all that family stuff going on way up there in Canada, and she has a cold to boot. Well I’m sure cold, colds and boots are standard in Canada. Nevertheless, I hope you help her get to 100 followers as she gets back on her feet. By the way, her book has a great hook.

Now, can I pay it back a few days? I dare Mr. Linky to say no with his mouth closed. If he opens it, I’ll take the chance to stuff it full of links. Anyway, a few days ago I found a very versatile blogger but I doubt anyone paid attention to that post where I reveal what I did right after getting married.

So, Nick Rolynd  has some really nice poetry on her site, and in the midst of a full load in college has mapped out some cool story arcs. With that sort of stamina and drive, she deserves your help in getting to 100 followers.

With that, I bid you all happy writing and good night. Oops, it’s morning. As to how Susan Kay Quinn managed to link to this post before I even published it, I’m clueless.


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  1. Chooooocolate. I mean, ahem, um. What were we talking about? Thanks for the links! They’re all new to me, so I’l be clicking through and meeting some new people!

  2. You are too wonderful! Not only did I win the chocolate contest, but I get the honor of the Pay it Forward blog hop too! You are wonderful. Thank you so much for all the love and support!

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