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Hi, everyone, it’s Sher here with an author interview for Charity Bradford. I took part in her blog tour back in February this year, and I wanted to host her again. She did a couple of unusual things that made me want to read her book, The Magic Wakes. Take a peek.



Since childhood, scientist Talia Zaryn has been haunted by recurring dreams, visions of an alien attack on her planet, Sendek. Each time it ends abruptly with her death in the capital city Joharadin, a city she has spent her life desperately avoiding. Talia keeps these dreams a secret, hoping they are nothing more than childish nightmares. But when she is unexpectedly transferred to Joharadin, she is convinced that the conflict, and her own death, is at hand.

As Talia’s nightmares occur with increasing frequency, they reveal the imminent invasion of a half-dragon, half-human race called Dragumon, bent on the annihilation of her world.

On Sendek, magic is dead and science rules, forcing Talia to keep another secret, one that could cost her everything if it were known. Now, in order to save her planet, Talia must awaken the powers within her and rely at last on the magic that is her true inheritance.


Sher again. See what I mean? Little did I know then that writing helped Charity in the same way it helped me long ago. So on with the show (interview):

Why did you write this book (as opposed to another)?

Talia came to me at a time I needed someone other than myself to focus on. Her story helped me fight my way out of depression. If she could fight for her life, so could I. In a way this story opened the floodgates of my imagination by helping me find myself again. Self-indulgent? Maybe, but for those reasons I’ll always have a special spot in my heart for Talia and her world Sendek.

Do you have any regrets with this book?

I think as authors we always have regrets. If I had waited for more feedback from agents perhaps I could have improved the story before it was set free in the world. I’ll always want to rewrite it, but I’ve had to accept this story as a learning experience. My only goal now is to make each and every future book even better.

What makes your book unique or more interesting than others in the genre?

This story is a mash up of science fiction, fantasy, romance and adventure. I didn’t stick strictly to the rules for any one genre, but allowed myself the freedom to just write the story.

What are your main character’s greatest hopes, biggest fears, or both?

Talia doesn’t have many hopes at the beginning of her story, but lots of fears. She’s dreamed about the invasion of her world and her death since infancy. The tiniest hope that she can find a way to survive the reality of her nightmares is what drives her research with the SEF (Space Exploration Foundation). If she can find proof of life outside her solar system, she can convince the Royalists to prepare for the invasion. Her biggest fear is easy–death at the hands of the creatures from her visions.

What would you like readers to know about your book?

The most important thing to know (because it isn’t written anywhere on the book) is that this is the first book in a planned four book series. It resolves but there are many unanswered questions for a reason. The second book is in the revision stage.

What do you have planned for the future novel wise?

My first YA novel is currently going the query route. The sequel to The Magic Wakes is undergoing revisions, and I have two shiny new ideas I’m busy plotting out. Although I’m taking the summer off of blogging to spend time with my kids, you can follow my progress at My Writing Journey.

Other than writing, what have you been doing the last few months?

Being a wife, mom, friend, the normal stuff. Perhaps the biggest news of my last few months is that I took the plunge and started planning a dream. This fall I’m launching a short story contest for high school students in the US. Please check out the website and start spreading the news. I’ll especially need help in August getting the word out to high school English teachers. Thanks!


“Bradford writes rock-solid science fantasy in the Leigh Brackett tradition.”
Matthew Graybosch, Science Fiction Author of Starbreaker
“Charity Bradford is one of the best new voices in science fiction.”
~Michael Offutt, Science Fiction Author of Slipstream and Occulus.
“In the tradition of Avatar and Star Wars, [Charity Bradford] builds interesting alien worlds with advanced technology which finds itself inadequate when The Magic Wakes.”
~James Wymore, Science Fiction Author, Theocracide.
“Charity Bradford creates a hybrid book, weaving science-fiction and fantasy into a unique vision.”
~Liz Gruder, YA Science Fiction Author, Starseed
“Charity Bradford offers. . . a very good mixture of Science Fiction meets Fantasy meets Romance, and it was blended beautifully.”
~Alicia Rivoli, MG fantasy Author, Mere Enchantment

Author Bio:

Charity Bradford has been a voracious reader ever since her 5th grade teacher introduced her to the world of books with Where the Red Fern Grows and Summer of the Monkeys. She’s the mother of four kids that keep her on her toes, constantly reminding her that imagination still makes the world go round. Her preferred writing genre consists of a mix of science fiction, fantasy, adventure and romance.


I’d like to thank Charity for the interview. I learned some interesting things and some awesome things–like the writing contest! Please take time to enter the giveaway below. If you decide to follow my blog, it’s not this one. I’m moving to WordPress soon, so the subscription form is on the right sidebar at

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Please leave a comment for Charity because all authors need encouragement, and I’m anxious to see her keep writing. And yes, please scroll through the last few posts if you have time. We have other open giveaways, and you might win! Thanks for visiting.

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  1. I think we all feel that way about our first books. So many things we’d like to fix or change. But there’s still something special about them just the way they are.

  2. It’s sort of a bittersweet thing. We love them with all our hearts, but can still see the “greeness” of our abilities.

    Don’t worry though Alex. You definitely improved with each if you other books. I loved all three!

  3. There always has to be a first book, and they could always be better, but then they wouldn’t be special. Good luck with your book, Charity,

  4. @cleemckenzie, that’s so true. Thank you!

  5. Great interview! I didn’t realize how you were inspired to write Talia’s story. I loved learning even more about your writing and process!

  6. I totally hear you on the first book syndrome; let’s hope our second books are even better 🙂

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