Help! I’ve been mindjacked!

What’s a mindjack, you ask? It’s a hijack of a very different sort, a mental takeover. It’s what I often wish I could do to get my hubby to get with my plan, but I’m a true zero, and that’s not mesh. Sorry if that sounds like Greek; I said …

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What’s a Writer’s Platform? How not to fall off!

I heard the word “platform” a couple of years ago at a writers’ conference but never really understood what it meant. Sure, I got a vague notion it was about marketing, but I felt shaky about how to do so. Nobody ever defined “platform” in any subsequent workshop or conference, …

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I got memed. Who would do such a thing?

It’s not as awful as it sounds. Liz over at Laws of Gravity memed me just to make me stay up late. No, she would never do such a thing. She wouldn’t push anyone off a cliff even if she wouldn’t get caught. In fact, she memed me because we …

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Chocolate Winner to Pay it Forward!

Ah yes, the chocolate follower contest. I didn’t forget about it, I just went on the road. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t see the comment entries on my phone (so I could pick a winner) until I got back home and found out blogger comments for that page and …

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Travel Writing Secrets

First off, this blog is about writing while traveling, not travel writing, although it does’t exclude travel writing. It seems my life is more and more about traveling. I love visiting family and seeing new places. I don’t love getting there. There’s nothing like cramped legs to make me cranky. …

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