Aso Adobo: More than Food for Thought

I made a commitment to blog about World Food Day as part of Blog Action Day. It sounded appropriate for a Service Sunday blog post. I just didn’t think I’d have so many different things to blog about that I would end up posting twice in one day. This is …

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Blankety-blank page? Not mine.

Before Rachael Harrie’s campaign, I tried to blog once a week, but I often posted less during frequent flurries of family activities and disasters, not to mention writing my second book. With all the blog-hopping I’ve done since the campaign started, I realize once a week isn’t often enough to …

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Care for a Cause through RABMAD

No, I’m not rabid, and I’m not mad. Maybe a little nuts—for chocolate. So here’s the real deal. I’ve been looking for a better way to make my writing serve others ever since I started my blog. I finally found a great way to make it happen, thanks to this guy, …

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When you remember that day

  At the risk of baring my soul to strangers and non-Christians who may take offense, I nevertheless felt compelled to compose my own memorial and warning in honor of those who died on September 11th, 10 years ago, and in honor of those who have died defending our country’s …

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Last day for Sparkfest? I’m doomed!

Doomed to be a writer? “Doomed” couldn’t be righter, so it’s lucky I’m a fighter. That’s my rhyme for the day. Now on to business because I’m sitting on a time bomb set to go off today—Blog Sparkfest. Christine Tyler, the upside down writer who originated Blog Sparkfest, says “I’m …

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