Please Read for Charity! Autism via Scott Bury

It’s that time again. Not fall. Not Thanksgiving either, although I’m thankful for writers like Scott Bury who donate a part of their book profits to charity. Did you guess it’s RABMAD time? I love that acronym, so dangerous sounding. Yet it’s really as far from dangerous as you can …

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Book Lovers Hurry In! Great Contests You Can Win!

Yea! We have a winner for my 100 follower book giveaway. Congratulations Miki, an international entry. I sent you an email and you have 3 days to make your choice of Amazon gift card or Book Depository. I didn’t know about the last when I started the contest, but it …

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Read a Book, Make a Difference Author Spotlight: Melissa Foster

I wish I had my first book published so I could join this great group of authors. They’re the type of people I admire, those who care for a cause enough to do something more about it than just talk. They donate a portion of their book profits to their …

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Critique exchange for human bones! Can you dig it?

No, I’m not a murderer. I don’t have a stash of bones buried in my yard. You don’t get to dig my bones either. I’ll keep those, thanks. I just need a male critique partner or two (because I have a male main character) so I can make my bones …

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Tocoreb Lleps Constet and Triceque Rinnew!

If you read my entry for Rachael Harrie’s Platform Building Campaign 3rd Challenge, you shouldn’t have had much trouble reading this blog title. You have now passed the mental exercise test and deserve to be certified as mentally challenged. And lest you think I’m making fun of those with a …

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