IWSG: Countdown to Launch

Please join me on a journey to the stars via a book launch. This is my contribution to: The Insecure Writer’s Support Group Guide to Publishing and Beyond Countdown to Launch 3—2—1—Blastoff! Wait! You need a pre-flight checklist. We’re counting down—months in advance if possible.  :-O 10. Read the Smashwords …

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Book translation service: the Real Deal

Sher here, republishing a modified post based on a spammer’s poor attempt at advertizing in English. Here’s an excerpt: “Do not take too lightly the potency of a person’s book translation companies, as they possibly result in the achievements of your company! With that said, these are typically five of …

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The Perfect Storm: August IWSG

Sher here with a post from Lauri Corkum, a longtime SCBWI critique group member and recent blog partner who I thought had disappeared this spring. Turns out she had a perfect storm. But she couldn’t post it here. I forgot that I had Alex move my IWSG link to WordPress, …

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IWSG: How long will it be?

Dear insecure writers, whoever you are, I hope you find comfort and take your craft far. I don’t have advice for the way to success, but ask me a question and I’ll try to guess. I’ve watched from the sidelines as others flew past, and often I’m sure I’ll come …

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