Death by Cliffhanger? Write a real ending!

Sher A Hart here. First, a reminder to stop by the Spooktacular Giveaway Hop for a chance at a hardback copy of Hocus Pocus Hotel by Michael Dahl. There’s also a link to sign up for a FREE spot on a book launch giveaway and blog tour for Paul R. …

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An Agent who wants longer queries? Yes! Plus great book giveaways.

I received two rejections in one day yesterday, one from a query sent way back in July and one from a recent query critique contest. What a vast difference between the older established agent and the young one still building her list. The older agent to whom I sent my …

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Tocoreb Lleps Constet and Triceque Rinnew!

If you read my entry for Rachael Harrie’s Platform Building Campaign 3rd Challenge, you shouldn’t have had much trouble reading this blog title. You have now passed the mental exercise test and deserve to be certified as mentally challenged. And lest you think I’m making fun of those with a …

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100 Follower Book and Critique Giveaway

100 Follower Book Giveaway (ends 10/31):I’m still rejoicing over my 100 blog followers. Woot! This calls for a book giveaway.  I have a ton of used fantasy/sf books waiting for a new home. If you have a favorite SF/fantasy author/ title you’re looking for and don’t mind a used book, please say …

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Critique My Query Contest

It feels so great to go from 6 followers to over 100 in the month since I joined Rachael Harrie’s Platform Building Campaign, I’m querulous. No, wait. I am not complaining or peevish about all my fabulous followers. I rejoice100% over you. It’s querying that makes me querulous. Don’t we all …

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