Come Alive by Mercy River Album Review & Giveaway

Hi, all, Sher here with a change of pace for the new year–music. Considering how much music in general means to me, I’m surprised I haven’t posted about it more often. I’ve mentioned music to write to but never just because I love it, harmony in particular. I’m one of …

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Fantastic Music for my Fabulous Followers

I started out blogging about music to write by, which in normal circumstances would be fine. Nice soothing background music stimulates the creative centers of the brain used in writing just as learning music increases math and logic skills. I read the scientific studies long ago and assume that’s how …

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7 Randumb Facts & Two Awards!

Lil ‘ol me earn a Versatile Blogger award? Well, I never.  Actually, I did. Half of me wants to hide under the bed like I did as a very shy child. The other half wants to jump up and down and shout—lookee heuh! Can ya’ll hear my southern accent? Wait, …

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