IWSG: Don’t bug me

Late is supposed to be better than never, right? Not always. But more on that later, ha-ha. First, let’s give credit where it’s due: Alex J. Cavanaugh, ninja leader of the group. Co-hosts for today are Misha Gericke,  Christy LK Hill, Juneta Key, and Joylene Buter! Now for the late breaking news: I’m late …

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IWSG: Kidneys and Knee

Hey, it’s Sher, not sharing the book blog anymore, but sharing other things at home. Some good, some bad. But before I get to that, here’s the December IWSG info: Co-Hosts: Jennifer Hawes Jen Chandler Nick Wilford Juneta Key JH Moncrieff Diane Burton MJ Fifield DECEMBER’S QUESTION: In terms of your writing …

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IWSG: Stones aren’t free

Hi, it’s just another emergency at our house. We have them on a routine basis. First, big thanks to Alex Cavanaugh and IWSG for supporting writers, and that is free. The stones cost a lot, but before I explain, here are the links to November’s IWSG co-hosts: Joylene Nowell Butler, Jen …

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IWSG: Need Reviews for Kidlit Queue

It’s been a long time since I read a whole book, let alone finished writing a whole story, another reason to post for IWSG. Nice that I don’t have to think up a subject anymore because there’s a question to answer somebody already thought up. Oh, wait. Almost forgot the …

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Life, death, and IWSG

Three years ago, I would never have believed anything would make me skip two whole months of blogging. We made it through selling a house on the water (because hubby spent too much time glued to the TV watching the weather channel for hurricanes). We made it through moving into …

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