Do the Cancer Can-Can for a Write Fine Prize

Cancer is never good news. I hate hearing about the dread disease striking loved ones, whether friends or family or the friends and family of my friends. I got an email this morning from Anna Banks, whose YA fantasy romance Of Poseidon was snapped up by Fiewel and Friends for …

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Aso Adobo: More than Food for Thought

I made a commitment to blog about World Food Day as part of Blog Action Day. It sounded appropriate for a Service Sunday blog post. I just didn’t think I’d have so many different things to blog about that I would end up posting twice in one day. This is …

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Request for male beta readers, crit partners & agentss

Hey, all you guys out there in writer land. First, I need male beta readers for my first middle grade SF book, Erth Won, and some long term critique partners for book 2 on out. With a Boy Scout main character, I need to make sure he acts like a …

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Bestowing another Versatile Blogger Award

I already posted 7 random facts about myself  here: when I received my first two Versatile Blogger Awards. The award rules are in the same post. Then I received another and added it  to the first two. But with 3 awards, I couldn’t find enough random facts, let alone …

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7 Randumb Facts & Two Awards!

Lil ‘ol me earn a Versatile Blogger award? Well, I never.  Actually, I did. Half of me wants to hide under the bed like I did as a very shy child. The other half wants to jump up and down and shout—lookee heuh! Can ya’ll hear my southern accent? Wait, …

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