Need for Speed: See how fast you read!

I haven’t thought of how fast I read in years. Then I came across this test and found out it’s not fast enough to excel at business. I’m just a little faster than the average adult. Slower, if I’m tired. Considering the fact that writers need to read as well …

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Book hook prizes, Amazon Store, and new contest!

I’m late posting winners for my “Choose my book hook” post because I couldn’t decide on one winner. Using Rafflecopter is way easier than deciding whose comment was best. I took Rick Daley out of contention because he’s read enough of my book to have an unfair advantage. But I …

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Moon Called by Andre Norton: Book Review

Moon Called by Andre Norton My rating: 2 of 5 stars It had been so many years since I read an Andre Norton book that I decided to read one I had somehow missed. I thought it would be a Witch World book but it was more a mix of …

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A K Taylor Author Interview Books & Chocolate Giveaway

Are you feeling adventurous? You must be, or you wouldn’t be here. You came to the right place because I have a great adventure for you today, starting with an interview of A. K. Taylor, the author of—(Native American drumroll)—  Neiko’s Five Land Adventure! I have a good reason for …

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Here’s a tag, there’s a tag. Everywhere’s a Campaign Tag.

I got tagged twice in Rachael Harrie’s Platform Building Campaign, so I was going to combine lists. Then I got into answering the questions and decided to do them all. I may be shy in person but I’m never short of words in writing. Besides, tag is fun. Remember the …

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